Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear John.

1. today all I have done is a) .lay on my couch and read my new obsession : Dear John, and b.) have my heated blanket on high.
2. How lazy can I get honestly? This book is bomb though. it's so sweet and the whole time I'm thinking of channing tatum. yummy. he's so gorgeous I can't believe he's married. --that's the book cover. cute right?
This is something I missed this year. last year we had the whole family together & this year it was half the size of this. but I still had a great year. just makes me miss the better ones with everyone here.
4. I miss my roomies. we have the cutest tree waiting for us back home. yeah I call my apartment home. it's my second home but im lucky to have the best room mates ever. I just miss all this.
I suppose that's enough for now, I'll leave you with one last picture you will LOVE santa kitty. again. poor romeo.. this happens every year haha :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the 2,548 best things anybody ever said

one of the great things about jackie getting married is that we cleaned out her room. she was a reader and still is but has the coolest books. one of which is called "the 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said." And Ive been reading it because.. it's winter break and why not & here's some of my faves.
1,323 If they could put one man on the moon, why can't they put them all? - Unknown.
1,320 can you imagine a world without men? No crime, and lots of happy fat women. - Sylvia (Nicole Hollander)
1,527 Living with a conscience is like driving a car with the breaks on- Budd Schulberg
1,174 Even if your on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.-Will Rogers (1879-1935)
1,435 I phoned my dad to tell him I stopped smoking. He called me a quitter. -steven Pearl.
theres more. but ive just been glancing through it. their pretty funny though. thanks jacquelyn. loves ya!

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.

1. I rarely blog, I wish it wasn't that way but it is, school makes it hard to blog. yeah school--that's my excuse. I know, I'm lame. I like blogging because everything just flows out. as I read Yarm and rachel rawls and leahs and sadies blogs along with everyone else i can tell they love it too. shoutout to yarm-you need to write a book it would be bomb. your a superb writer.
2. christmas break has gone by WAY to freakin fast. It sucks how when your a kid it seems it takes for-ev-er for christmas to get here but when you "grow up" it comes way too quick. yeah that's the crapy way it is. I remember being a little kid sleeping in my room with jackie and us just talking and thinking about christmas and thinking "where's santa?" because for the hours before we had to go to bed we'd stalk santa on or whatever it is. and just that feeling of excitment. so this year I was lying in my bed on christmas eve & literally pretended i was 8 years old again. you all should try it.
3. one christmas I wore my reindeer antlers all the way into February. true story ask the momsy.
4. Im still spirited by the way. I buy way too many pine and cinnamon candles and make sure their always lit in whatever room i am in.
5.I wear these earrings that are lightbulbs the old colored kind that used to be on houses before all this new stuff came out ha those light up an their earrings.
6.I have reindeer earrings that have bells on them.
7.& one last thing, this one is new for me, this lady diane who does my hair put tinsel in my hair. how awesome is that? I know. be jealous. everyone loves it. it's cool with the heat and everything & it's just tied in my hair so i can curl it or take it out or whatever I want. I'm pretty sure Im going to leave it in for a bit because i think it's rad.
8. this year jackie & brandon didn't celebrate christmas with us. so it was just me, cody, mom & dad for christmas. kinda sucked, we had a great christmas don't get me wrong..but it woulda been better if jack jack and b were there. and aubree & andrew & baby ethan
9. I love vegas so much. I just love what's in vegas: my family and my friends.
10. I love that when I go home I'm constantly eating delicious homemade foods made by my wonderful amazing chef mamma orrock. she insists on making homemade rolls, jelly, chicken soup, multiple pies, dips, fruit salad, dough for sugar cookies, gingerbread dough. basically she makes everything I hope one day Im a good cook like her.
11. I love my house in vegas. we've lived in the same one for like 18ish years. so basically my whole life. it's perfect. every now and then I see old pix of the house and it's seriously cool to see how our house has transformed throughout the years, from our grey carpet to our flowered wallpaper and etc.
12. the only thing from centuries ago I believe that has survived through the changes is these two birds me and jackie got when we were little. their glass or something, hanging on our ceilings, well now jackie's old room is cody's so he and i have these awesome colorful toucans & I will never get rid of it.. one day it will make its way into my child's room, just you wait & see.
13.My house has the coolest scars on it, like the ceiling right when you walk in the front door. one day me, jack, and my mom went to the store and bought those 50 cent sticky hands things from those machines and took it home and me and jackie shot one up on the ceiling and I swear it's still there. with it's collected dust or whatever it's still there and its cool to me i don't want it to move.
14. i just noticed something. I'm sitting in my room on my bed and i just glanced around my room & there's this capsule that jackie made in achievement days a looonnng time ago. I made one too but it's probably in my attic. So when jackie was engaged we found this capsule and it said things like what do you want in a spouse and tons of other things & it's funny because @ the time I made that I remember thinking well this is weird. Even if I was married there's no way I would remember this capsule I made There's even this note we wrote to our future husband. Jack Jack just read what she wrote though and Brandon's eyes never saw it. Jackie & brandy are the cutest things ever. you can take one look & realize how IN LOVE they are and I'm so glad my sister can be that happy.
15. my christmas couldn't have been better. neither could my break. it was great. i love my family & my friends you guys are the best.
Merry Christmas, LOVE me & my santa cat romeo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


1. Everyday I draw a heart on my wrist
2. I slept through church today, someone has to tell me why they decided 9 am church was OK for college students. who wakes up? It's not like i MEANT to sleep through it.
3. Ive becomed obsessed with the local candle shops in orem
4. people have been smashing pumpkins. our apartment complex has little pumpkin peices all over. we're all real mature. i didn't smash pumpkins Im wayyyy too mature for that. ha well if i had a pumpkin I would have classes are driving me insane.
7. tests aren't my thing
8. taylor swifts blog is one of the most humbling things Ive read
9. I love autum/fall
10. my snowboard is staring at me right now. makes me want to go reeeallll baaad.
11. there is a ghost upstairs, who makes noise at all hours of the day/night. don't believe me? ask my roommates. they'll tell you the same thing. it's paranormal activity.
12. ps i refuse to see that movie ^
13. I hate school. just like the college life
14. owl city is my favorite band tonight
15. halloween rocked, me & tayler party hopped, and partied it up with chris, kolby, derek, vance, & everyone else who came to the party. <3 <3 <3

Monday, October 26, 2009


this month completely flew by. but here's what ive been doing.
we brought our utah boys to sin city

of course we got a limo and did it big up in the 702, we owned that place.

so don't worry I didnt hut myself in the pic with my hands all red. i spilled some grape juice, Im not even sure how I did that.. but anyways I started screaming for Kyley my roommate I wanted to see if she'd be worried and come running out to see if I was okay but then she'd think I was bleeding, anyways she didn't come out of her room, she didn't even care haha she just thought it was funny. The way I screamed she knew that it wasnt serious so I dont blame her for not coming out

The night it rained me and Tayler ran outside with our rainboots and enjoyed it, finding puddles, laughing like 4 year olds. That's why I love Tayler Anne Stratton she's always fun and down to do simple things like running in the rain at 1am with me. shoutout to tayler:LOVE YOU best friennnd.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love peace, and peace signs. Last year I always wore a necklace, bracelet, or I would just draw peace signs all over my hands or something I just loved them. I still do. We've got this friend Jeff who has a pumpkin farm and he brought us a pumpkin and I carved it one night and made it into a PEACE PUMPKIN. it rocks. I'm so proud of it. It's like a mini pumpkin it's not a huge-o one.. so we have to carve a huge pumpkin this week because its classic. I cant wait to go to a pumpkin patch. I love this season & being in utah to see the changes of seasons. it's fun and makes me happy.

Me and Tayler have taco tuesdays, where we make taco's every tuesday. Go figure. we're so original I know. But hey it makes us happy, taco tuesdays are something to look forward to, and those tacos are bombtown. cant wait for tomorrow, because it's tuesday. we're in the process of giving wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday days where we do something special. Mondays are mask mondays, where we give each other face masks, we're childish I know but its like a mini spa in our apartment. Living with tayler & our roommates is like having a sleepover everynight and it's filled with nothing but fun. Seriously we're always doing crazy things, laughing or just enjoying the moment. gotta get to sleep. Im not doin so well in school hah I probably should focus on it. What sucks is that I'm actually trying! haha I studied for my math test for like 3 hours and I got an E on it, yes that's LOWER than an F. I didn't even know they gave those out. suck!!!! I hate math with a passion. It's supposed to snow tomorrowwww I cant wait because that means snowboarding season is THAT much closer! haleluliahhhhhhhh

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  1. Shout out to my girl Brittney Fesler who told me about this site where I could get a backround for my retarded blog. haha thanks girlll
  2. I didn't even know anyone read my blog. haha
  3. I have yet to go to bed before 1am here.
  4. Me & T went home last weekend. those 3 days flew by it sucked. I miss my mom and dad and little brudder cody. he's seriously one of the funniest kids youll ever meet. I guarantee it. ^ thats him
  5. so Im completely over school. Done. wanna go home you know. through with it. I hate going everyday. I hate being there for 6 hours monday and wednesday.. my longest days
  6. and i hate online homework the most. who came up with that? come on lets just stick with paper.
  7. so heres some things going on in our little apartment world. we have the funnest & funniest friends ever. haa.. like Jono, and Jeff, Cam, Blake, and some other people but we love it here.
  8. I have a problem. me and tayler have become ONE. I speak for her when she's not around haha its kinda funny. and I realize that its strange but we're seriously always together I love love love it.
  9. this weekend is the ward camp out but Im not sure if were down for that... and me and jackie and tayler are gonna shop saturday woo.
  10. I love utah im not kidding the weather is just wonderful, the people are so chill, except those random RM's who are like willing to get to know you within the spare five minutes they have. weirdos but anyways utah is just the
  11. Lately Ive been having a severe obsession with the newest rap songs and stuff. like Its my time by jeremih and my ride by sean kingston. I really dont know what it is, but when I bump it in the village i get some looks
  12. I got a letter from elder knaras and elder haire today! wooo. makes me happy those boys rock.
  13. We met this kid the other day, we as in me and tayler of course and he was cute whatever ya know and weve hung out before and whatever and he basically called me a flirt. okay so what? im super friendly. but whatever haha so now my goal this week is to be NOT as friendly and send flirty vibes because thats not what Im about all you provo/orem boys.
  14. goals for this week: do my english hwk, digital media hwk, and astronomy hwk.
  15. not be a flirt. and buy the p90x.
  16. the p90x is like this workout thing that everyone loves to do. Jono kinda got us (me and T) into it. and we liked it and so were gonna get it. let me know if any of you have it and if its worth it.
  17. today I played raquetball with david hutchison. he's my cousin's wife's younger brother. who goes to uvu and is on the track team and we just went over to golds to play a little r-ball and that game rocks. although we found out we were playin the game completely wrong it was fun and seriously was kinda like hard. haha my mom is so pro racquetball she loves that game and I wish I would have realized it was fun so we could have played all the time ha. Im excited though becaus I wanna play againnnn!
  18. woo its like 1 am and my back hurts so Im going to go now. peace out

Friday, September 4, 2009

first weeks of college

  1. well I love utah. I love the people up here.. most of them... and how the mountains are so close, I love having family up here I love living with my best friend. I love that we can text each other and say "are you home?" living together is like one long sleepover :)
  2. Last sunday we went to dinner at my Aunt Debbies house. I love living up here, the drive is like a hour and 45 mins. but its worth it. the food they make is delicious, and we have so much fun I wish I just lived up here and didn't have to go to school everyday
  3. Heres some pix from last sunday.. we played dress up... then played volleyball. I have the cutest family.
  4. Im not a very good blogger. I have no idea how everybody else does cool backrounds and stuff Im struggling.. its pathetic.
  5. so my classes are pretty good. Im taking english and math boring then astronomy which is a tight class. its in the planetarium and its this giant room with a giant ceiling and you just look at stars its the coolest class ever but REAL easy to fall asleep in and the hwk is hard. :(
  6. we've made a LOT of friends here in village on the parkway. we love it here. when I say we by the way that means me and tayler. my other half/partner in crime haha
  7. I miss my family a BUNCH. school is fun but I miss my mom and dad and brother and sisters .. jackies always working and aubree is like 45 mins away. not too far but still I dont see her or ethan or andrew a lot.
  8. LUCKILY my familys comiing up here tonight! yay. too bad I have a date tonight so I wont see them till tomorrow... then i think we'll hit up lagoon.
  9. I just ate a tuna fish sandwich Im ready for my date tonight :) hahah I dont even know why anyone would ask me on a date but whatever Im kinda excited he's pretty tight. anyways I love the college life. check my pix/twitter/fb out. peace.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My life in boxes

  1. Five days until the big move
  2. Everything I own is in boxes. 
  3. Me and jackie think its ultra convenient to pack in huge giant plastic boxes even when we travel. Shoutout to jackie. love you
  4. anywayy it's weird how bare my room looks
  5. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jay have been on their mission in NY and just got done with it and we're going to see them today!! We haven't seen them for 3 years... :( 
  6. I'm really going to miss my mom playing with romeo. She treats him like a child. We really really love him, whenever we go on a long trip to even trips at the store when we walk in the door we yell "ROMYYY" haha its funny
  7. I hate ppl who beg for attention on fb. Everyone thinks they're so cool all of a sudden...
  8. I just painted my nails and toenails and they're ugly. I cant do this. 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things I love

  1. I love sonic ice
  2. I love swimming
  3. I love the lake
  4. I love my mbp
  5. I love my friends
  6. I love my family
  7. I love movies
  8. I love blogging even if its about nothing
  9. I love penguins
  10. I love hawaii
  11. I love the sun
  12. I love music
  13. I love cars.
  14. I love independance
  15. and finally, I love my life. 

Friday, August 14, 2009


  1. I'm addicted to my macbook. I don't even know what to do with it. All I have to do with it so far is to go on facebook, twitter, myspace (rarely), and blogspot.
  2. I take my mbp (macbookpro) with me everywhere
  3. My mom and me just went swimming with some ladies from church at some pool and I took my mbp. haha Seriously I can't get enough of it.
  4. I was a big teddy bear collector when I was younger, and I gave most of them to my younger brother Cody and luckily he kept them, I went in his room today and looked at a bear I had given him like 5 years ago and I'm thinking I want to bring it to provo with me, just to feel homey? you all know the feeling
  5. During the summer I'm a complete waterbug. hence the title of my post
  6. We go to the lake, go swimming everyday, the beachhh.. Summer is just the best time to swim, no cares, no stresses, just you and the water.
  7. When it comes to the beach I'd rather be snowboarding. I don't like sea water, makes you feel all sticky, and the ocean is either too hot, or to cold, or too crowded.. snowboarding is the bomb
  8. I just checked the weather in utah and its 86 degrees. That sounds perfect. 
  9. seven days ladies and gentlemen. that sounds shorter than a week.
  10. Since Tayler is in NYC and ditched me for 14 days I have noone to hangout with. actually scratch that. me and mom have been bonding lately, we have great talks and have established that I'm a player. and dad has a hard time accepting/understanding that.
  11. I think my whole freshmen 15 blog where I write 15 things is kinda hard with the nonexciting life I have.
  12. I hate moochers, or people that want things, even people who complain so ppl can give them sympathy. I just want to yell at them "buck up. Nobody wants to hear you complain." I say that now but people know I'd still listen to this person.
  13. This is Taylor Swift's favorite number. I love taylor swift. I think Tayler introduced me to Taylor's music. So shout out to t-strat. thanks "bbygirl"
  14. I hate my phone. for all you at&t people DON'T get a Samsung Impression, the touchscreen with a keyboard. it's retarded.
  15. and finally, the freshmen 15. the ending number. I just hope I don't gain the extra 15 lbs. ha Nahh I wont. but still. ah. <3

Bad hair day, great mug shot

While buying my macbook the sales guy was talking to me and my mom and he was telling us about this mug shot he saw..."Marcus T. Bailey was being hunted by police over a parole warrant when he stepped from a barber's chair to allegedly sell crack cocaine to two addicts. According to police Bailey, 25, was getting his hair braided in corn rows when he left the shop in Indiana on Wednesday to do the drug deal inside a nearby car."


another summer blog

  1. so this morning I went over to Britini Richard's house at 6am to do her hair, it's her and her husband's 1 year anivarsary =) and she wanted her hair to look nice when they drive to california today. I think its funny how girls are like no I cant curl my hair like that, when they really can.. just takes some practice.
  2. I love doing hair.
  3. I havent gotten up this early since school. I cant believe that every day Id go to seminary at 530 every morning. Insane. anyways so I did her hair, now Im up, cant go back to bed. Considering the gym, but I probably won't go. haha 
  4. My cat romeo is the source of my 
    entertainment over sumer. he picks on my husky dog pookie and it's seriously hilarrrious to watch
  5. David, britini's husband asked me "christy do you like the Jonas brothers?" I said "not really" haha he likes the rolling stone magazine so Britini bought him one, and aparently it was a special addition on the Jonas Brothers... and he wanted to give it to someone out there who actually  liked them. the JoBros. so gay. I only like  a few of their songs.. other than that I could care less about them.
  6. GUYS, 7 days till I move to utah!!!! everyday I think yay 10 days!  yay 8 days. and now its 7!! 
  7. I'm mostly excited to see my sisters in utah. I never see Jackie anymore because she's  married and working hard, and she lives far, but this year Ill be super close to her so I'm stoked! and Aubree, who is pregnant btw.. she lives in west jordan so ill be babysitting a ton. Im babsitting already on the 27th, ethan, my nephew. He is the cutest boy i've ever seen, blonde hair and blue eyed. He's beautiful..
  8. Yesterday I applied online at an at&t store in orem, and I had to take like a 275 question quiz. I was like for real? and it wasn't even like good questions, they were the same thingss over and over like... "You've seen sandy at work, and her work space is dirty, what would you do?" heres the options: tell your manager, clean it up yourself and tell nancy you wont do it for her again, leave it there-someone'll clean it up, or tell nancy your going to tell the manager and force her to clean it up. oh the last one for sure.
  9. dumbest question quiz ever, but I wanted to work at at&t since Im always helping my family with their phones, and I know a ton about phones, if something's wrong with your's and you hand it to me I'll figure it out, even if Ive never worked with it before Im a geek. 
  10. i love that sydney white movie, where amanda bynes runs for stuco president and she yells Im a geek! and everyone like stands up and says something about them thats geeky and then they yell Im a geek. I love sydney white, the fast and the furious, the house bunny, fired up, i love funny movies.. scary movies not so much...
  11. Ive decided Im goonnaa blog a lot more, this year. I dont think anyone reads it but thats fine with me. peace yall 


Lets get this straight. Im not a good blogger. I want to be, Ill have to keep working on it.
-I got my macbook today. Me and my mom and brother and his bff oliver couldnt stop taking hilarious pictures, I even put my pride and joy, romeo (my cat) in them. haha they're presh. 
-dad went to utah today so were pretty lonely around here
-mom's constantly on her iphone. loves her wholefoods aps, and her dexknows.. you know those sort of weird things.. haha
-she definitely loves her books on there. she's addicted
-even dads always on his phone. mostly talking a lot. he runs down the battery so much he bought this energizer battery that plugs into where you'd put the charger and it just dangles off your phone. haha it looks kinda weird. thats probably why its sitting on the counter. being unused. just like half the things the orrock family buys
-cody's favorite word is shut up. he cant stop saying it to me. the kids kinda got an attitude
-college in 8 days. tayler comes home from nyc in 5. I dont know what Im doing without her. I dont hang out with anyone anymore. just my mom, tayler, and quincey.
-im excited for college, but nervous. duh like everyone. that was stupid to say haha but ill miss my mom and dad. luckily Ive got my two sisters up there to make me feel not so homesick
-im going to sleep in mommys bed tonight :) 
peace peeps. <3 

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The leavitts and the orrocks.

Alyssa and Jessica are two of the funnest girls i know. love you guysss

This is my little brother Cody. He's seriously hilarious, ask any of my friends. And he's addorable, & a spinning image of me when i was little

Me & my familiaaa.

Ive known this girl Alanna Brown since I was 3 years old. We've been waiting and have been looking forward to this day for a verrryy long time.

Graduation was fun, it was filled with bbq's and naps, it was an exhausting day. we graduated at 9 am, had to be there at 730 and had fun. Im way happy Im done with high school. Everyones been saying oh one day youll wish you could go back.. but right now Im just happy to be done. I cant believe I never have to go back to Bonanza high school, unless I visit Mr. Mast. ha. shout out to fritz, hes the best ap english teacher ever. well congrats to any other fellow graduate who may be reading this.

3 down, 2 to go

Well my sister got married, thats right.. jackie is now Mrs. Welling! crazy right... it probably won't hit me until i see her facebook name change to Jackie Welling. on Saturday June 20th Brandon and Jackie were married at the Las Vegas temple at 1030 am. There were a few minor complications like Jackie forgetting the marriage license and the temple being about 30 minutes away.. but eventually they were married. I was on child duty while most of their parents went and watched the ceremony. I was way cool with it because I have the cutest cousins and they're the sweetest kids ever. We were a little too loud in the temple and got yelled at a few times but in the end everything worked out. When Jackie and Brandon walked out of the temple for the first time as a couple they were glowing. They are way perfect for each other its sweet and jackie and brandon if your reading this I love you both verrry much. They went on a cruise to mexico for their honeymoon, and they had a blast theyve got crazy funny pictures on their facebooks.. they came back with a baby chameleon, and 3 super cool fish, one that is like blue i think, and the other two are like invisible but have hot pink and hot green colors injected into their fins so they look tight, wether they know it or not.
Oh and the reception, I totally forgot to report about that... it was a blast. We needed a bigger dance floor, but it was way fun, the music was like stuff we listen to and not older adults (thats like the nicest way i could put that) ha and my grandpa was saying, "this isnt music, im not dancing" haha. he's a super cool grandpa though.
If your wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything its that my two sisters are married, and my brother was married in december. so now just me and cody are left.. haha we've got awhile luckily!
Well congratulations Brandon and Jacquelyn Welling. I love you both.

Cody, my little brother seriously is a star. What 9 year old does karaoake by himself? He sang I like it I love it by Tim McGraw.

We had a bbq the day after jackie's wedding which was fathers day and we had family over and had a dj/impersonator and we had tons of fun. This is my aunt debbie, me, and my dad singin. ha

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