Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I count this past week as a vacation. School starts tmrw and so it's back to the norm but I had a blast this past weekend.

Gavin and I went to Cali. Back in December I bought tickets for the volcano choir concert because it's Gavin's favorite and it's nearby so we drove to Cali real quick and went to the concert on Saturday. We went to the Santa Monica beach that was gorgeous. (see pictures below) ;) it was a short mini trip. We stayed at my bff Jessica's house. We barely got to see her sadly but I adore her. She's so cute. I miss her.

I love forcing Gavin to take pictures with me.

He's the best.

I loved this theatre. It was super cool.

I kinda wanted to throw a party in it. One day.

Finally saw some stars on Hollywood blvd. this ones empty ... Just waiting for my name.

We went to Hoover dam and red rock with Gavin's mom tootsie and her two friends Faye and Lena. Sweetest nicest most wonderful and funniest ladies you will ever meet I tell you. I had the best time with them.

We ate like fat kings too.

This is my filet mignon, 12 oz. medium rare steak at joes stone crab. Ate the whole thing. So good.

Breakfast. really good too.

Geisha. Always bomb.

I love this picture it's random but oh well.

Also my despicable me backpack came in! I love it. Ask me if I have room in my closet for it tho haha

Gold strike for colleens 23rd birthday!

Love my lil roomie sawah.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh 2014...

Remember when I said, "I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store for me...." well I take it back. 2014 has kinda sucked so far... and we're only on day 8. On the 2nd, as per usual thursdays... we were headed to Stoneys. It was 10pm and I was in the car with Sarah. We were turning left onto Las Vegas Blvd and I heard a loud pop/crash behind me all the sudden there was a red car to my left that I could touch if I rolled down my window. The light was green and I wasn't sure if my car had been hit, kinda just a nervous chaos happened. I drove through the intersection because I was just kinda scrambled and in shock ish... and realized my car had been slightly hit by the accident. I went back and the other cars had much more damage than mine. The guy that hit us had been drinking kinda and was just out of it, and the girl that got rear ended badly had to go to the hospital. I was just glad everyone was ok... It's just a hassle and its sad when that crap happens. Also... I'm just bored. School hasn't started. Bellagio hasn't started, so I'm just chillin. I need to find somewhere to volunteer. I also need to go up to utah for a good week and snowboard. My mom sent me a video today of their backyard and the snow and she said,  "I don't have anyone to build a snowman with" and I kid you not I looked up flight prices that minute. How is it cheaper to fly from anywhere pretty much but vegas? So stupid. I'm definitely not driving there I'll tell you that. I'm taking a break from driving these days.
 Gavin and I went to red rock on the 4th after getting massages. The 4th was my mom's big birthday. I wanted to be in utah but honestly I'm just getting better from a stupid
cold, and so was Gavin so really we had to just stay put and not travel right now.
Just know that I love you Mom and that I wanted to be there. 
 Gavin's a photographer now also... I make him take pictures of me
and nature.. He gets mad but whatever. 

 Forced him to take this one.... haha 

Cheers to hopefully a better 2014. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beaux Bridge, LA

I went to LA after Christmas. Not LA as in California... but LA as in Louisiana. Never in a million years did  I think that I would end up in Beaux Bridge Louisiana with my boyfriend and his family.  But honestly I had the best time. Granted I was sick which really sucked because I wasn't on my A game. But I made the best of it. The night I got there the 26th Gav's mom had a big family party. It was kinda like a mini christmas and his mom & dad got me the cutest earrings and Vera Bradley bag. The bag is purple too. I love purple. Obsessed. His fam is the sweetest. Louisiana is so pretty by the way. I wasn't sure what to expect. This girl I met when I flew to Houston told me it was going to be humid but it wasn't. It was beautiful. Houses were beautiful, I just kept saying they had character. They were all different, I loved it. Gavin showed me around the crawfish ponds, his old house, his grandma's house, friends houses, just all the different stuff that you could tell meant a lot to him. It was a great time.
 This is flying into Baton Rouge. I'm probably the only person that things gators will eat you if you put even your foot into Louisiana waters. That seriously would happen to me. 
 Sooo you know those awesome cuties orange things at the store? Welllllll Gav's backyard has a huge tree of them. I seriously had like 5 a day. It was awesome. 
 This is Boomer. He's the cutest wittle wuppy ever. 
 I went to my first catholic wedding inside this church. It was beautiful. 
 Don't mind the back of Brock's head. haha Brock is Gavin's best friend btw.
 Gav's present to me. Its beautiful. I love rose gold. 

 Gav and Tootsie at wedding reception number 1. 

 Wedding reception number 2. 

 Gav's backyard. 

 Sunset on the flight home. 
 Our first airplane pic. I'm a cheeseball I know. 

I'm such a weirdo. Meh. 2013 was such a great year. Full of changes and challenges but overall it was a great year. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store. Happy New Year friends.  

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