Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mothers Day to the BEST Mom in the entire world. I need my Mom more than ever it seems these days. Since they've moved in August it's definitely been an adjustment. Before, we'd get Cafe Rio on a weekly basis it seems and when we were on health kicks, Panera. ;) Not to mention our Target trips where we went for nothing, just wanted to go see if there were any new shoes or look for a family game or something. I love my Mom more than anything in this world. I was so grateful that my sister Jackie and my Mom came to visit me, lil 'ol me in Las Vegas for Mother's Day weekend!! Luckily I got 2 out of the 3 days they were here off thanks to an awesome boss of mine. On friday, they came to Bellagio and I had a whole set up for them and Alyssa & Becca and served them pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris and pink lemonade daiquiris. I just wanted to ignore my whole section and just hang out with them, but I didn't. haha. On saturday, we woke up and had brunch inside Tivoli Village at Poppy Seed. It's a cute and trendy little place with couches outside (see photo below). We had a quick bite to eat which was perfect and we headed to Town Square. We shopped our little hearts out at H&M where I got a sunhat I was reallly excited about and a swimsuit coverup I'm obsessed with. Then we went to sephora where I find myself smelling every perfume and spraying myself with 10+ different kinds thinking one smells good but really it's just the mix of them all that smells good probably. Jackie ventured off and ended up painting her nails all different colors and I kept asking her what perfume smelled the best but she wasn't feeling well so she couldn't even smell and I kept forgetting. After Sephora we walked around, bought some assorted cookies, took some pictures and just walked around. I had the best time with them, they are awesome. My Mom came to town with chocolate zucchini bread (my faaave) and then she made me 3 loaves of bread which is also my absolute faaave on Saturday night when she was probably so tired from walking around all day. Also, she left behind Dove chocolates, a huge tub of Nutella, family size of Dorito bag... what else? haha she is the best.  After Town Square we went to the Container Park downtown which was really fun for them to see. Each night we passed out watching random movies on netflix and falling asleep. Sunday, the actual Day of Mothers, we had brunch (we love brunch) at Egg Works. I love that place. We had some family friends come and the little girls reminded me of Jackie and myself when we were little kiddies. Then we came home and they left a little while after. I'm so so so happy they came down this weekend. I needed it. Somehow I was blessed with the best family members ever created. I did miss my Dad and Cody though, (don't think I forgot you Dad) -- who is also my number one blog follower these days who I totally appreciate. He loves when we all hang out, he knows I'd love to be up in utah spending Mother's Day with everyone too. They had a fun man wknd in Wyoming which actually sounded really cool. I can't wait to do a family vacation this summer. Family members, if you're reading, I love you guys so dang much and I'm so so so blessed with you guys. Friends, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mother's are the best, they make everything better. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First dinner

We had our first dinner at gavs new place. We decided to go real big and make hot dogs and Mac n cheese. :) haha and mom and dad don't worry I'm eating healthy. I promise.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zombie burlesque.

Work was ultra busy today. we went to zombie burlesque last night and it was raunchy but hilarious. I loved it. And we got really good seating because gabby knew the crew and all. They were very talented we laughed the whole time and one of the zombies smelled my head and almost ate me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm currently sitting in my car at planet Hollywood waiting for friends. I'm going to see zombie burlesque tonight. I remember seeing the burlesque show with my mom and dad and it was amazing but now it's zombie burlesque so we'll see how it goes. I'm sure it'll be great.

Sarah Colleen and I did a wine and design event it was awesome.

I got to see my dad who was here for only like 2 days. Hardest worker I know and my number one blog follower. Love you to pieces dad. I look up to you so much!

I get these pictures daily from my fam and it makes me miss my nieces and nephew. Sweet Ethan turned 6 this past weekend! So sad I missed it. I love him.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crawfish town

So I went to Louisiana round 2 for valentines day weekend because gav had that Monday off for Presidents' Day!

Here's the traditional plane pic. He hates pictures but whatevvz.

Lil boomer.

This was a day or two before we left. It was a nice night and we went to angel park to golf a lil. I didn't golf it was too cold but I got to drive the golf cart, we made a friend, I attempted to take a bunny home and had a good time.

This is a lil snapshot of the annoying construction going on right now.

Mallory and jeana

Fried pork skins. Ew. Enough said.

Food for the camp. Just meat. Lighter fluid and alcohol. Classic guys.

This old school cash register at a reallllly good donut shop called meches

The "camp" is literally in a place called happy town.

This is the camp. It's actually super cool. About 20 people spent the night in there with room to spare.

I signed the board!

King cake. Mmmmmm

I ate crawfish that gavs dad just caught that day. They were good! They just tasted like baby lobster and gav made this really good dipping sauce for me which was awesome.

Much better than I expected to be honest. Best valentines day trip ever. Ha

Friday, February 7, 2014


So last thursday at Stoney's Colleen Jaron and I were walking out to our cars after a night of country dancing and we started talking about how we wanted to go to six flags before we start working at bellagio again... and Jaron suggested this next week because he had a hotel room already booked on accident but really it was fate which was awesome. So we decided to go to six flags, then we realized six flags is only open on weekends so we're going to DISNEYLAND!! Disneyland is awesome so we didn't really care where we went plus the hotel was walking distance away from Disneyland anyways (fate). We left wednesday and came back thursday. Quick little trip. We went to huntington beach first and went to lunch at Freds which isn't really that good it's just an awesome location and who doesn't love mexican food really? So  we just chilled and then went and walked the beach and had a photoshoot. 

Colleen and Jaron being sexy little surfers at Fred's. 
Photoshoot sesh on the beach. Jaron loved every minute of it. 

Okay... palm reading story time!!! So on wednesday night we were sitting in the hotel room and we were actually all kinda tired but decided to go get our palms read or fortunes told at this random place we saw driving to our hotel. So it's around 6 pm, we get to this place, it's basically a house, we park behind the house there's a boat and a cadillac coupe, a 4 door cadillac, garage doors open and dark inside. Oh and we could see in the house and they were watching tv, they didn't even "see"us coming. Kinda sketch ville. Then we went to the front of the "house" and this teenager kid opens the door and asks if we could go around to the side of the house to that door, which we did before but it was locked. We go to the side and this old grandma lady opens the door, she's not scary actually smiling and greets us, sits us down and says she'll be right with us...... 15-20 minutes later after sitting in this random room filled with gnomes, asian figurines, snow white characters and a big budda statue thing that lost it's hand we were tired of waiting so we looked up other places on yelp and decided to leave. For the longest 3 seconds of my life when I tried to open the door to leave it wouldn't open and I thought for a few seconds we were going to die. It was scary. Needless to say we got away although sad because we really wanted our fortunes told. We drove to this random other place that was also in a house only to realize that they were closed (such disappointment). we all were bummed at this point. One last try! We found one more place on yelp and drove 20 ish minutes to it and the building was empty. As fate had it they didn't want our fortunes to be read. All we really wanted was an old lady with crazy hair and a glowy floating crystal ball to tell us crazy things. That's all. We decided to go sometime in Vegas. So whenever we go I'll let you know how it goes. 
We went to a random breakfast place that Jaron found on Yelp that was deeeelicious. I'm kinda a fan of Yelp these days. 

We took too many pictures as usual but hey it's disneyland okay?
Tower of Terror is one of my favorite rides. Although as you get older rides become scary and you get sick easier...  I never realized how bad your stomach hurts when rides go up and down. 
We went on the PERFECT day I tell you!! It looks like a stormy bad day but it wasn't too cold and only started raining two hours before the park closed. That's something I love about Disneyland is that they apparently keep the park open even if it's raining and the rides are outside. People would rather die of electrocution than waste their $140 ticket per person haha. 

We're such nerds. Colleen and I got these shirts that I actually love. I love baseball tee's for some reason and Jaron is a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. 
This is a new part of California Adventure and my favorite ride!!! 
You basically get in this car and drive through the story of Cars, by the way the sculptures of the mountains were incredible. I felt like I was in red rock. It was legit. Then after this nice slow ride you line up next to another car full of people and you race. Head up the inside car wins. My car lost but honestly it was awesome. The track these cars go on is a little sketchy for being so big and you're barely strapped in but it was my favorite. 
This is my illegal picture of inside the Cars ride. My flash didn't go off so I didn't ruin the experience. When we were on Soarin over California (also one of my favorites) some asians kept taking pictures with their flash and I wanted to drop kick them after the ride. Ruins the ride people!!!! Ok, I'm done. 

Me and SULLY!! wooo hooo!! We actually saw a lot of the characters, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Tigger, but didn't want to wait in line or anything so I snapped this ghetto photo that I actually love. My mom called him a creep but I love the movie Monsters so I don't care haha. Sometimes when I'm so happy and excited I smile HUGE. I don't even notice it or I'm about to laugh I'm not sure what happens but it kinda drives me crazy. 

So all the lines at Disneyland were like 10-20 minutes long even on some of them we did the single rider and we got on the ride within 8 minutes (yes I know thats precise). It was awesome. So we just got off Indiana Jones and we're in Adventureland passing the Jungle Safari Ride. Jaron says we have to go on the ride its fun, has he ever led us astray blah blah sooo I'm like fiiiine I'll go... but I really wanted to go on Space Mountain and this ride took like 25 minutes to get on and it was raining while we were in line and then when we got on the ride this mom made me get up and then i didn't have a spot really and her back was on my back which was really awkward and there was water from the cover of the boat that had a hole in it dripping on Jaron it was hilarious. Worst ride. But so funny. Jaron usually doesn't lead us astray so we forgive him it was just hilarious. This little boat ride jungle book theme fake animal exhibit took forever and the driver's jokes were SO cheesey. Let me give you an example. He said: "ladies and gentlemen if I could have you look to the right" we look --- it's a big rock that is probably just plaster with gray paint over it really and he says "it's limestone!! A lot of people take it for granite. (pity laugh given by audience) I should have made that joke boulder I know" (nice play on boulder but it still makes me think of Shrek) "Just kidding I know my joke rocks" the guy wouldn't give upppp. But it was great. Even when things we did just went wrong we had fun. 

Fun fact ** we didn't see this mexican dude till after in the pictures. Also space mountain is my favorite but I feel like I'm going to get my head chopped off because you can't see anything it's all dark. 

The last time I came to Disneyland was in High School with Jackie and her friend Alyssa. We had the best time but I also remember the rides being more fun. I was so excited to go on the matterhorn this trip. Let me just tell you it's the bumpiest thing ever your neck hurts, you're practically laying down and the seats were wet from rain when we got in them so I was like ughhhh. Disneyland is magical when you're young. 
We had the best time at Disneyland. Some funny stories and experiences I'll have forever. Love these guys. Glad to be back though in good ol Las Vegas. 

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