Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You know what they say... when you're busy... blog. I swear I have a list of things to do thats bigger than me but I'll deal with it in a little. I have to take an accounting exam tomorrow and I have accounting homework due tonight. If anyone wants to do it, let me know. I'll pay you millions. Thanks. 
So here's what I've been up to......
- we went to oregon to visit gramma and cousins and I met my cousin Laura's baby, Ryker. He's the cutest little guy ever. 
-I turned 22. I feel so OLD. I can't. I had a cabana at Monte Carlo's pool with old friends & new friends from work and we had a blast. They made me a cake and everything. Anyone that knows me knows that cake and swimming are two of my favorite things, and them combined is just heavenly. I'm grateful for my new work friends. I love them a lot.
- I still go to Stoney's every thursday... that hasn't changed, my dance skills have just gotten more awesome. Just kidding. Although, my 2-step has improved I believe. (brag moment)
- Cody turned 13. Not sure if I blogged about that. My little baby is grown up. He's almost as tall as me. NOT OK. 

This past wknd we went to utah to go to my cousin Adam's wedding. 
I can't believe he's married! So stoked for him and Candis. She's sweet and he's awesome together they will have an amazing life. Their wedding was so cute and their cake was delicious!! I think a cake says a lot about your wedding & what kind of life you'll have together :) 

 I saw my sweet sister Jackie. She's awesome, pretty much a model or something I swear ... she got all the brains and beauty.. help a sista out jackie! Seriously though, go to littlejstyle.com and she's got this cute website with all her gorgeous and fashionista outfits on that inspire me daily.
 I love my family to pieces. I wish we all lived in the same city. Utah's really green, and pretty and perfect weather. I'm so used to it being 90-105 I was freezing at Utah's perfect 85 degree weather. Insane what Vegas has done to me! Nonetheless it was beautiful up there!
 We may or may not have tried to be models.... and lean on the fence. haha 
 My cute little cousin's kids that luckily still call me their aunt even though I haven't seen them in FOREVER due to work and school! I love these kids to death!!
Lastly here's some pictures with the cousins. This is Haley, an incredibly talented interior designer and a babe of a mother of  3 beautiful kids that live in Kansas so I haven't seen them in forever! And on the end is Mary, she's a sweet little school teacher in utah somewhere ( I forgot where she teaches) but she's awesome and loves to travel, so hopefully one day we can go travel together! What's funny is the above picture of me with the little kids used to be us in this picture. We used to be the cute little kids, and now we're all grown up, well I'm still growing up. But most of the cousins are married, graduated, busy with their lives it's just insane. Never thought I'd see the day!  I'm blessed with the most awesome family. ever. Ok. I guess I'll go to the gym now or eat pretzels & nutella since I have lots to do....... wish me luck on my accounting exam -__-

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