Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's get utarded!

I love Utah. It's pretty. My family is there. It's got bomb food too such as kneaders, chick fil a, the cocoa bean... I could go on forever. I went to Utah right before school started and we had a blast. Now we're in week four of school. It kills me how fast time passes.

Happy birthday Adam! Yes I made this cake. And the little sign.

My niece and nephew. Love n miss them.

This is the best poster ever. I want it in my room.

Little myles!

My newest niece Lilee!

Best car at church err.

Trampoline pictures are dangerous

Went mini golfing with the cousins and bowling and Ashlee won a gift card for bowling a strike!

We played the funniest game. Had us cracking up. My little cousins could play and my grandma and grandpa had some of the funniest answers ever. Naturally, mine are all about cats.

Emmerson has the cutest personality ever!!!

On the way home we got classic cokes. :)

Best bracelet ever. Yes I bought it. Beaver utah is a place that the orrocks love for sure.

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