Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas & NYE '12

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone! Seems like just last week it was Halloween and still warm out. Now it's freezing and 2013! Kills me. This Christmas was awesome. We had Jackie and Brandon down here for a full week and their precious kitty. We pretty much ate all week and went hot tubbing every night. The life I tell you! My dad got a gopro for Christmas but isn't ready to strap it onto his skateboard just yet so he's letting me borrow it. Thanks dad. You da best! Something else of his that I get to borrow of his is his new shiny camaro :) best dad ever. I sent him a picture today from years ago when I was sitting on his shoulders and said something funny like, "back in the good ol days, now I'm driving your camaro" haha I literally have the most awesome parents ever. Christmas was amazing. We had such a good time, made memories, went sledding at ghetto mt charleston where nobody spoke English and I wanted to punch everyone in the face. Also-- note to anyone that goes sledding-- don't use plastic sleds. Those pieces of crap will crack the second they hit the ground. Granted, mt charleston is super icy and everything... I will never again purchase a plastic sled. Classic las vegan move. My cousins in Utah are probably embarrassed for us right now. I'm pretty sure that's how big 5 says in business.... They rip off every sucker that buys a sled from them that breaks 30 mins later. as usual I'm such a picture person, so here's my life events in photos:

Successful elevator pic if you ask me.

Bellagio conservatory with da fam Annnnd I had bangs for a day.

Me and moo moo elf. He hated his life in this hat.

This year we had a Christmas party at the house. It was a blast. Good food. Good people. :)

Christmas afternoon :)

OKAY so Jackie mentioned that on the 30th as a family we were going to this zoo that is an hour out of town. First I thought, okay cool that's going to be freezing but whatever. Then she kinda told us that this zoo is only open two days out of the month and that they have kangaroos and camels and zebras and a sloth. Jackie loves sloths. haha so anyways we went to this zoo bright and early, around 11. :) which was really hard btw to get us all up and going... and we went to this zoo called roos n more.

me and a camel chillinnn.

Brandon gettin strangled by a snake.

Not sure how but jackie just looks so pretty and calm and she's just holding this nasty snake. Good job sis.

K lemurs are the cutest things ever. This little thing was just hopping from person to person, including on my dads head, don't worry a photo  is coming up shortly... but anyway we had the best time with this little lemur. Such a sweet little thing  I kept thinking of zaboomafoo from that show with the explorers and different animals when  I saw this little guy.

This is my dad with his favorite new animal, the lemur.

Owls are legit. This guy was just chillin with his huge eyes!

A baby cervil. So cute. I want one!!

This little piggy......... smelled. jk! he was cool.

This is a bearcat. cutest little thing ever!!

My new years kiss, the lemur. haha

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST....... THE MONKEY!! This monkey was awesome. She just went through your purse, and hopped on your head. We instantly became best friends. She loved my carmex, as I have a deep appreciation for carmex as well. Btw I lost that carmex to that monkey. But it's all good she was awesome.

Yes this toucan is real! It kinda looks fake in this pic but that bird was 100% real! The lady that worked there was like "I'll be right back" and left me with this bird on my arm and a line of people behind me and I can't like look at the bird because she was chilling but I felt like she would have hit me in the face with her giant beak. Eye contact with this bird just felt wrong so I just hung out till the trainer came back... my arm was secrely dying..... and I was scared for my life. Nonetheless I survived, and this bird was great.

LOVE MY FAM!! you guys are the best.

I bought brandon this shirt off etsy because it was so fitting!! Brandon loves cats as much if not more as I do. So he rocked this shirt at bowling and barely beat me by the way. I gave him a run for his money btw and definitely challenge him to another game asap. Also, I want my own bowling shoes. I may or may not have looked for some today online at work.....

This is us at Mt. Charleston, Mexico. Where nobody spoke english and we broke our crappy plastic sleds. However we did manage to take some awesome go pro videos!

This is me in my  camaro on the way to work on new years day. What kind of gym is open on new years day! killin me........ but I did have an awesome ride to work in this snazzy  car with my music bumpin and don't worry dad this was taken at a stoplight.

happpy new year!!

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