Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm already beginning my resolutions b/c I normally don't follow through with them. (duh), and I want these to last. HOWEVER I'll still add to my resolutions list, no matter if its feb of 2012. So far, I've been gym-min it up at LVAC for a good 3 days now. Go ME! I joined, and I'm going with my best friend's sister Natalie. She's a freakin babe, and knows what to do and pushes me. All the things I need at the gym. If I'm by myself, I don't even care and I do things half-ass, so thanks nat. I needed you!

Shoutout to my friend Amber who is the CUTEST and mean people still like to say rude things to her. You're awesome, and pretty, and amazing... so that's why haters hate on you. Good job at confronting the "oh-so-tough annonomous person" too. Remember people, they're annonomous for a reason, because they're NOBODY. I can't believe bullying is still happening now a days. Kills me. First it used to be back in the day, pushing, shoving, fighting, taking lunches, now a days someone is at home, in their Spongebob Squarepants PJ's writing annonomous things and STILL hurting people. No matter what century we're in, bullying will always be a problem and it's amazing to me how immature ppl can be. If you're being bullied, tell me & I'll take care of it. I might even drop out of school and create a job for it. I hate seeing people sad. Hate it. If someone were to bully my little brother, oh boy... that 11 year old better run. My friend Ryan Kelly, he has been my friend since like elementary school days, he made fun of my brother to my face in the 5th grade, and he still has a scar from me and won't ever let me forget it and tells everyone about it. SO theres a little warning for y'all.. I''m tough, and I leave physical and emotional scars.

Enough about bullying. I'm in a good mood I swear. I'm sitting at school, studying/blogging. listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas Station on Pandora preparing for my math exam at 1. EHH. exams stress me the freak out. Studying makes me so sleepy too. Last night I was studying in bed (badddd idea) and I fell asleep at 9 with accounting notes on me. I have to stand up every 4 minutes and slap myself in the face and do jumping jacks.

Guess what? yesterday, I was walking to my car, which was in a parking lot I never park in, I was just late that day. And I walked past this truck making the "car battery dead" noise , so I said, "Do you need help?" to a stranger and he turned around, with gorgeous blue eyes, and said yesss please. haha what a little sweetheart. I love when guys admit they need help. So I drive my car over, jump his car (saving the day).. NBD, and then he asked me out for being so gracious and helping him. haha unfortunately I can already tell he's not my type... buuut doesn't hurt that I made a new friend right? right. I'm glad I could help 'cause I'm not a guy who can just pull over on the freeway to help a stranger b/c who knows what will happpen, but if i'm at UNLV's parking lot, with lots of ppl walking by, I'm good. Anyways, Love you all. hope you are having a wonderful fantastic day.

xoxo, CEO

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thxgiving 2011

This day is glorious. Sundays are the best first of all, I woke up and made waffles with my brand new waffle maker I got from black friday and they were just delicious... Now I'm back in bed with my heated blanket listening to pandora's christmas station, and I'm blogging and digesting. Then later I'm going to get the Christmas stuff down. I'm SO excited. I literally can't wait!!! I love Christmas, I love Thanksgiving, I love these last few holidays of the year. They never last as long as I want them to.

So thanksgiving 2011 was..... AMAZING. We spent a low-key little thanksgiving at my sister, Aubree's house. It was delicious, everything was amazing and we had extra everything. Then we went to our HUGE thanksgiving we have every year at a church. This one I thought was smaller than last year (but no complaining from me) quality not quantity of people..... and the quality of the people in our family is great. I miss utah b/c all the little kiddies are so fun and cute. Allie, Kaitlin, and Sophie my cousins kids just attacked me straight up, and let me tell you those kids are strong. I love all of those kids with my heart. It kills me we're not all up there together all the time.

PS we all saw the Muppets (which I hate) but it wasnt too bad... it was a cute show. and Jack Black was in it and hes funny. SO.... I say yes, its a good family show.

Two things happen when I go to utah and come home, 1 I'm sick, with a sore throat, and 2 I get fat. Like gain a couple pounds, and no its not just from the Thanksgiving food.

Prepare for pic overload::

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Funday

Please excuse my stupid page right now. I'm working on getting it centered and pretty.. but for now its just a big mess. Today started out grand, woke up completely sideways on my bed (i've been sleeping like that lately) its a little weird, and my mom made me breakfast, and I added a lot of sugar and everyone laughed at me. But how else am I going to stay awake in class? DUHH. So anyways. I'm at school, in UNLV's little computer lab, thinking I'd get some homwork done, which I did. . . then blogging called my name.... Seriously think I have ADD, last night I was talking to someone and I was listening to them but suddenly asked my other friend something about what she was holding... I guess I think I can multitask too fast? I get SO distracted easily its funny. Even thought I'm in class and focusing on the teacher and the powerpoint, etc...all I keep thinking about is THANKSGIVING! I can't wait for thanksgiving. for pies, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, ughhh I cant wait. I love looking forward to things, and cant wait for them to happen, and then once they are here, and the day comes and I'm enjoying every minute of it I just want it to last forever. . . if only. I can't wait to see my friends and family, my neice and nephew, to help bake, see my grammma, and aunts, and cousins kids, and BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. Can't freakin wait. Not that I have money, thats fine, its just the whole excitement and everything with my cousins. well. I have one more class in an hour, then I'm going to Forever 21 to get leopard pants. I really want them and I have the perfect black lacey shirt to wear them with. What a day. Hope your day is fantastic!!! xoxo.

ps. just tried to log into pinterest at unlv on their computers and it says it has an error or something? I'm going to DIE. what will I do for an hour!?!?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

This is my 102nd post. I missed my 100th post. shucks. anyhow.... today was a fab day!! Sundays are nice, I sleep in, sometimes make breakfast with the fam, sometimes take naps. All the glorious things in life. So today, I woke up late, went to church and it was munch and mingle sunday. Anyone who knows me knows I love munch and mingle. You could probably get me to go anywhere if you mention food. Thats embarrassing but its not like anyone reads this anyways so its fine. So after M&M I went to dinner with my fam at Sweet Tomatos, for the record I'm not a fan. I had a crap attitude though, I was just tired and I didn't realize it and I was just being a straight up B. So when I got home, it was around 6 and I thought... (I need to go to bed, but its too early... I wanna take a bath but thats too small.... so I should go in the hot tub, that'll make me happy). SO i went in the hottub. Brillant. and it did make me happier. I literally fell asleep & was sooo relaxed. It was one of those sleeps that is like a power sleep, like 10 mins feels like 45 etc. and woke up to my brother ryan sneeking in the jacuzzi which was cool. we talked about life, traveling, experiences, ya know the usual. Then I took a shower and I was in my bed in pinterest (naturally) just laying in my heated blanket and then Clark Harrington called and said peeps were goin to Beccas to play games. Sooo I went too, took some muddy buddies, and went over there.. It was a blast, we played a game called.... shoot it was called... crap I can't remember, but alyssa leavitt brought it, and it was hilarious. thennn we played hide & go seek. Which is really fun, I always want to play and others don't cause they're too mature (gay). but we played, and I won (course), and came up with really cool hiding spots for peeps btw.

So this is what I learned today, in sacrament or somewhere in church today, someone said, "we come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing." That simple sentence struck me. I am such a materialistic girl. I can't help it, around here the mall's too close, boots are too cute, and target gets new stuff too often. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and think, all this stuff doesn't matter in the end... (granted I love the way new clothes and boots and stuff makes me feel). but, sometimes I just need to KISS,( keep it simple stupid ) I'm applying that to life, keep life simple, volunteer, help people, service, ya know-- do the real important things, not think like oohh I have the day off I should go shopping! Don't think that Christy. That's tough. Gonna take some work but thought I'd share what I learned. PS I saw my favorite family ever today, the Dominoco family. They're the nicest, awesomeist family ever.

Two days of school & then thanksgiving. I'm so excited.

btw. saw twilight part 1: gay. creepy bella got preggerz, and it was just weird, I'm glad they started the movie off with Jacob taking his shirt off. Got my attention therrrr ;-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Butterfinger jingle bells

These are my favorite thing about this time of the year. Besides the decorating, snow in utah to snowboard, family coming down for two weeks, playing with my niece and nephew, eating so much everyday of my moms cakes pies cookies etc. you know. After all of that stuff.... These are one of my favorite things.

Happy 21st kayla!!!

Yesterday my friend since I was 9 years old (that's 3rd grade ppl) turned 21!!! Happy 21st birthday Kayla Alicia Archuletta. This girl is the bomb. Str8^. She and I always matched, had best friend bracelets, necklaces, traded stickers, laughed all the time. She is an awesome person. Obviously we went to different middle & high schools & colleges, & live on the complete opposite side of towns from each other, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because we're always going to be friends. Theres only 4 other girls that I can say that is true for. Kind of a huge deal. Literally we'll always. be. best.friends.


This was the 5th grade or 4th grade bike thing. classssic.
5th grade hawaiian graduation party! go us!! and we still know brianna in the middle! I have always been the tall one of the group.. no worries.
Here's my birthday at circus circus. I still talk to all these girls minus 1, catherine, in the bottom left corner.
Literally still friends with half these people. kayla you always had pretty hair. I love it.

This was probably some summer day, and me, kayla and alanna all have the same red white and blue swimsuit from GAP. it was the cool thing. For the record, I'm friends with all these girls. They're all fantastic ladies. (btw please excuse the fact that i look like a little boy here! thanks)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boat Load of Quotes

I'm addicted.

If i could just cut out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, all online shopping, Netflix, Hulu,, every distracting site I go on before I actually use my internet and computer for something productive. I'd be the most productive person in the world. If only. I need some more self control. If I cut this crap out ^ I'd have to cut this crap, meaning blogging out. It's where I vent, share my ridiculously crazy ideas... and doesn't get me anywhere.

Funny thing is, all these things make me happy. Blogging-- love it. Pinterest- where i get my crafty ideas, fitness inspiration, holiday ideas, new recipes, etc. I can't live without them. Thats why I wish I never had them. Because you can live without something you never had because you don't know what it's like to have it. (it makes sense, just think about it).

Blogging twice in one day. We can all tell how my days going...

Just another wednesday

It's just another wednesday around here... Ryan is here from Vienna. He went from living in Vienna, to visiting NY, to here, and he's going to India in Jan. I knew someone else in our family had the traveling bug just as bad as I did. He mentioned today that he was going to India in January, and I said, "really? What for?" To which he replied, "because I heard it was cool." I've heard costa rica was cool... I better go check it out. I wish I could be like that...

So... my dad left my lights on last night in my car. (really, it wasn't my fault)... anddddd so it was dead this morning. I was already running late (of course)... and my dad wasnt home, my mom was in the shower. Life just wasn't going well for me today... anyhow. I made my Mom get out of the shower.. and we youtube'd how to jump start a car.

PS. I used Siri in a time of need by asking, "how to jump start a car" and she replied, "Jen erickson can't facetime right now." pointless. Comeeon apple. Get your Siri together...

So. I missed accounting... math is at 1. and I am just praying for this week to be over. This week is really stressful. I just hope I can make all these freakin decisions I need to make and make the right ones.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My weekend!

Real creative title right? But this is about my weekend! We put Halloween decorations away which is the scary pic btw. I can't believe Halloween has come and gone. Fastest month ever!! So my friend Nakell graduated from Ameritech, it's a Utah school for surgical techs. She was my roomie in Utah and she just moved back down here so she had a celebration at her house and we ate tons of food, laughed, made some friendship bracelets and ate more delicious food!!! My weekend was great though. Vegas is getting freeezing cold. Out at the track it's so cold we had to get a heater. I wore 3 jackets and gloves an boots while I was out there. Hope y'all had a good weekend! Ps Ryan, my bro is moving back in with us in like a week. I'm a little stressed about life like school and work now. Eghhh

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello :)

Today is my Friday! I love not having school on Fridays. Last night I got to see my friend sandra! She's amaaazing. She just did an internship at Elle and cosmo in Italy and Serbia. She's just traveling and enjoying life. (I'm jealous) but she's back now and we had dinner & I'm glad she's back. Vegas needs more quality people here. Have a great weekend all! Xoxo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beauty school dropout

Drop date is nov 7th. Thinking of dropping my accounting class. I need a good gpa. What should I do? What would the honey badger do? Schoolz killin me.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest favorites of the night

Here's some pics of my favorite things on pinterest right now. it's raining out and I'm wearing a sweater and laying in bed. It's the simple things in life that make it so enjoyable right?


Howdy everybody!!! How was your Halloween? Mine was just dandy. I'm on my phone so I can't tell the order that the pictures are gonna load. Anyway I got the iPhone 4s yesterday and I'm in love with it. The androids are cool but iPhones are awesome. I went to Cali for a day and a half Halloween weekend. We went to escape from wonderland. It was a crazy huge rave party concert thing. It was fun but tiring. By 12 I was ready to to go to bed. I am 80 years old sometimes. So for Halloween which was on a Monday which kinda was weird... Started with an accounting exam then I came home and carved pumpkins with my mom and Cody. Then I bought 14 bags of candy then I took Cody to Oliver's where we trick or treated with other kiddies. Then we went back to our street that was poppin!! Literally there were so many people. There's a picture I posted of cars on the street. Lazy parents that drove to our good neighborhood to get our candy and then drive home. Kinda drives me crazy. Buuuut the most amazing thing is we didn't run out of candy. We could only give one price of candy to one person because literally we had hundreds of people come. Think about it. If we have 14 bags with 30+ pieces of candy in them, one to each person. That's hundreds. Anyways hope y'all had a great Halloween I had a fabulous one. After everyone went to sleep I went to a friends to watch scary movies then I went home scared and my mom came outside for me when I got home cause it was dark and then she slept in my room. Isn't my mom the greatest!? .my family is the bomb.. Love love love!!!

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