Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just another wednesday

It's just another wednesday around here... Ryan is here from Vienna. He went from living in Vienna, to visiting NY, to here, and he's going to India in Jan. I knew someone else in our family had the traveling bug just as bad as I did. He mentioned today that he was going to India in January, and I said, "really? What for?" To which he replied, "because I heard it was cool." I've heard costa rica was cool... I better go check it out. I wish I could be like that...

So... my dad left my lights on last night in my car. (really, it wasn't my fault)... anddddd so it was dead this morning. I was already running late (of course)... and my dad wasnt home, my mom was in the shower. Life just wasn't going well for me today... anyhow. I made my Mom get out of the shower.. and we youtube'd how to jump start a car.

PS. I used Siri in a time of need by asking, "how to jump start a car" and she replied, "Jen erickson can't facetime right now." pointless. Comeeon apple. Get your Siri together...

So. I missed accounting... math is at 1. and I am just praying for this week to be over. This week is really stressful. I just hope I can make all these freakin decisions I need to make and make the right ones.

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