Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was one of the best days of my life. I was team captain of The Rebels, and we ran a 5k in the Color Run in Las Vegas! It was awesome. 5500 people. money donated to charity. oh, and the colors. did I mention the colors? It reminded me a lot of hare krishna (the welcoming of spring in utah around march 27th) but no running.

This was my awesome hair. I secretly wanted it to stay this way..
Ps. That green is still stuck in my hair. and I just got my hair done like thursday! it'll come out, but for now.. it looks strange. can't wait to go to church tomorrow.
coolish/weirdish angle?
spotted hair is in. didn't you know?
this is bentley. I had a sleepover with my two girlfriends before our big race, and first of all, 3 girls in a queen sized bed, just wasn't comfy at all. then this dog thinks he has to sleep on the bed. lets just say I wont be having a sleepover at Colleen's house soon... jk callleeanwidit. I shlove you.
Before and AFTER!!! yeeee!
This was the coolest thing ever.
hahaha this picture cracks me up. first off I'm SOOO awkward. second, we look like chameleons. I really love my friends.
How rad is this photo? iPhones are bombtown.
my colorful leggies and $5 walmart shorts.

this is a handle on the side of fremont street. it's probably been there for years, seen a lot of things, and is dirty as freak. but it really was a cool picture!!
Colleen, Sarah and I when we were clean :)
Me and Colleen. My Twinner. I love her.
I just really love this photo and the colors. and the girls in it :)

Winner winner chicken dinnerrrrrrr!
colleens butt. hahaha
its funny how you try so hard to get a good picture when I'm running and I snap this photo and it's awesome!! so cray!

After the run, we went to Hash House a go-go where we got funny looks, questions and stares. i loved it haha I thought we'd get denied from eating there too. sarah accidentally bumped into someone and got this powder on his yellow shirt haha it was great. but anyways, I learned that I l love running outside, its good for you, also I need to tan more, and that green dyed cornstarch doesn't come out of blonde hair. cant wait for hare krishna in utah in march of 2012!! stoked. :)


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here I sit at the dang DMV hating my life because I lost my license last night! Agh horrible. They're on 212, I'm 330. Not bad. But still annnnnoying. Since I'm here I'll just blog and share pictures!

Went to the rebel game last night with Colleen, her bf Jory and his friend Ryan. They're a good time. Unlv won and we got chicken fingers. Go us. One day we'll get there early enough to sit in the student section below! I swear those crazies get there at 5 when the game starts at 7!

My BFF Jessica came in town this weekend and we had a little photoshoot.

Brett Harber came in town and we went to the wranglers game. It as a blast! We got the tickets on groupon. Two tickets for $33 and we got free hats. It was a blast.

I miss my little Utah boy! Come back to Vegas please.

Saw the vow with Lauren and Lindsey and Darren!

We're pretty. We know.

Duck pond adventures.

This weekend was a blast. I love my fam and friends cuz they make it da best. Xoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines dayyy!

Valentines day this year couldn't have been more special! First off I had the day off from school which is always lovely. Then I woke up to a text from my neighbor saying there was a teddy bear on my car and he was getting wet (it was raining). So I dashed outside, thinking that this neighbor and her two sweet little girls put the bear on my car or something when really it was from a guy!

Not just any guy... German Barajas. He's my workout buddy and friend that leaves nutella presents on my doorstep. Such a sweet and thoughtful gentlemen he is! I loved the surprise and my bear smells just like German. His name is little German btw!

I had tons of homework to do but Cody and I took a break to enjoy our little valentines day together!

We went to five guys which is like our favorite place since cafe rio, and then made our way to laser quest. Our names were code red and code blue. There were 29 people in the mission and most of them were under the age of 10. I felt kinda bad kickin their butts! Jk I didn't feel bad at all. Funny story btw one time cody had a birthday party there and one of his friends, decker was left in the mission area after it ended. Poor little guy was terrified. It's funny now because he's over it. ;)

This picture just really makes my day.

Gifts from Cody! Sweetest and most thoughtful brother ever! I absolutely love turtles, the candy. :) sad story tho, I ate about 3 of them and left the room and my dog Pookie literally ate the rest of them. I was furious with him. We're not friends right now. Oh and I think he's the only dog in the whole world that can't die from consuming chocolate.... He's completely fine.

Flowers to my Momsy from my daddy-o! So sweet. They smell delicious as well!!

Cody had a recital slash violin competition on Saturday and he rocked it!! He inspires me to want to play it again. Plus that'll stop my mom from buggin me bout it. ;)

Random cheesecake factory dates with my mom. Love her.

Valentines day was great, this week was great, I don't have school till Wednesday because prez day is on Monday, annnnd I have so many fun friends coming in town this weekend I'm stoked for the weekend. I'm incredibly blessed with fantastic friends and family. I love you all and hope you had a great valentines day whoever you are! Xoxo

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The freakin weekend

Yo, soo this last weekend my mom and I went to the motherland to visit our utarded fam (jk our fam is fab up there). We hadn't been up there since thanksgiving. Sooo that's awhile for us. My cute cousin kate had a baby shower on Saturday which was awesome so we got the whole family together, and ate yummy things. Here's my weekend in photos:

So I snapped this photo on the way up. My mom was asleep and I took it with my right hand and my left was on the wheel and so was my knee. It was super stressful but I am in love with this pic. Needless to say, the danger was worth it cause look at how awesome that pic is!

My Seester jackie! (she didn't know where to look on the camera) hah. We both wore leopard and leather jackets. I like that people call us twins and that we dress similar.

The second thing we did when we got in Provo was get a cupcake from The COcoa bean! Mmm. Theyre so good. My favorite is the ultimate brownie. It has, yup you guessed it, brownie, vanilla and then marshmallow. Then for the top it's like chocolate frosting with edible sparkly golden dust. It's just heaven in your mouth.

This was at the baby shower. That's my super awesome and cute cousin Ashlee.

This is my lovely present I got for winning a game. My cousin played songs with titles that had the word "baby" in them and I'm pretty sure the only reason I won was cause I knew the song baby baby baby oooh by JB ha but I'll take it!

This is my precious awesome nephew Ethan.

He's just perfect.

Really tho how adorable??

Lastly, this is our old house in sandy, Utah. I was only 1 when we lived here and then moved to Utah buuuut there are some pictures we have that have this house in the background so it was pretty cool to see it.

I had a lovely weekend with my family and Momsy. I love Utah and little breaks from sin city. We missed the guys and home. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and superbowl sunday. Xoxo

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