Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was one of the best days of my life. I was team captain of The Rebels, and we ran a 5k in the Color Run in Las Vegas! It was awesome. 5500 people. money donated to charity. oh, and the colors. did I mention the colors? It reminded me a lot of hare krishna (the welcoming of spring in utah around march 27th) but no running.

This was my awesome hair. I secretly wanted it to stay this way..
Ps. That green is still stuck in my hair. and I just got my hair done like thursday! it'll come out, but for now.. it looks strange. can't wait to go to church tomorrow.
coolish/weirdish angle?
spotted hair is in. didn't you know?
this is bentley. I had a sleepover with my two girlfriends before our big race, and first of all, 3 girls in a queen sized bed, just wasn't comfy at all. then this dog thinks he has to sleep on the bed. lets just say I wont be having a sleepover at Colleen's house soon... jk callleeanwidit. I shlove you.
Before and AFTER!!! yeeee!
This was the coolest thing ever.
hahaha this picture cracks me up. first off I'm SOOO awkward. second, we look like chameleons. I really love my friends.
How rad is this photo? iPhones are bombtown.
my colorful leggies and $5 walmart shorts.

this is a handle on the side of fremont street. it's probably been there for years, seen a lot of things, and is dirty as freak. but it really was a cool picture!!
Colleen, Sarah and I when we were clean :)
Me and Colleen. My Twinner. I love her.
I just really love this photo and the colors. and the girls in it :)

Winner winner chicken dinnerrrrrrr!
colleens butt. hahaha
its funny how you try so hard to get a good picture when I'm running and I snap this photo and it's awesome!! so cray!

After the run, we went to Hash House a go-go where we got funny looks, questions and stares. i loved it haha I thought we'd get denied from eating there too. sarah accidentally bumped into someone and got this powder on his yellow shirt haha it was great. but anyways, I learned that I l love running outside, its good for you, also I need to tan more, and that green dyed cornstarch doesn't come out of blonde hair. cant wait for hare krishna in utah in march of 2012!! stoked. :)



Kelli said...

I went to the color run too in boston. I also have blonde hair and I can't get the green out of my hair and I am freaking out for work tomorrow. How long did it take to come out of your hair? Do you hany any tricks? I have already washed my hair like 10 times today... no joke.
Thanks, Kelli

Juliana said...

Me tooo! I am desperate to get thw color out! It will not come out and I tried almost everything!! What did u do?

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