Saturday, February 11, 2012

The freakin weekend

Yo, soo this last weekend my mom and I went to the motherland to visit our utarded fam (jk our fam is fab up there). We hadn't been up there since thanksgiving. Sooo that's awhile for us. My cute cousin kate had a baby shower on Saturday which was awesome so we got the whole family together, and ate yummy things. Here's my weekend in photos:

So I snapped this photo on the way up. My mom was asleep and I took it with my right hand and my left was on the wheel and so was my knee. It was super stressful but I am in love with this pic. Needless to say, the danger was worth it cause look at how awesome that pic is!

My Seester jackie! (she didn't know where to look on the camera) hah. We both wore leopard and leather jackets. I like that people call us twins and that we dress similar.

The second thing we did when we got in Provo was get a cupcake from The COcoa bean! Mmm. Theyre so good. My favorite is the ultimate brownie. It has, yup you guessed it, brownie, vanilla and then marshmallow. Then for the top it's like chocolate frosting with edible sparkly golden dust. It's just heaven in your mouth.

This was at the baby shower. That's my super awesome and cute cousin Ashlee.

This is my lovely present I got for winning a game. My cousin played songs with titles that had the word "baby" in them and I'm pretty sure the only reason I won was cause I knew the song baby baby baby oooh by JB ha but I'll take it!

This is my precious awesome nephew Ethan.

He's just perfect.

Really tho how adorable??

Lastly, this is our old house in sandy, Utah. I was only 1 when we lived here and then moved to Utah buuuut there are some pictures we have that have this house in the background so it was pretty cool to see it.

I had a lovely weekend with my family and Momsy. I love Utah and little breaks from sin city. We missed the guys and home. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and superbowl sunday. Xoxo

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Ashlee said...

Oh just loved the picture!! It was a blast seeing you guys! What a fun day the shower was awesome. Hope to see ya soon!
Love ya ashlee

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