Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here I sit at the dang DMV hating my life because I lost my license last night! Agh horrible. They're on 212, I'm 330. Not bad. But still annnnnoying. Since I'm here I'll just blog and share pictures!

Went to the rebel game last night with Colleen, her bf Jory and his friend Ryan. They're a good time. Unlv won and we got chicken fingers. Go us. One day we'll get there early enough to sit in the student section below! I swear those crazies get there at 5 when the game starts at 7!

My BFF Jessica came in town this weekend and we had a little photoshoot.

Brett Harber came in town and we went to the wranglers game. It as a blast! We got the tickets on groupon. Two tickets for $33 and we got free hats. It was a blast.

I miss my little Utah boy! Come back to Vegas please.

Saw the vow with Lauren and Lindsey and Darren!

We're pretty. We know.

Duck pond adventures.

This weekend was a blast. I love my fam and friends cuz they make it da best. Xoxo

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