Monday, September 9, 2013


I never know what to name my blog posts. So I'm going to start naming it random words that pop into my head. So Vegas weather, can we talk about it for a sec? I love rain. Lets just state that right now. I also work at a pool. Those two things don't. Go. Together. It's been humid, overcast, sunny and rainy, you name it... Vegas has it going on. Also it'll rain at night and the next day it's just a bright and sunny day. Makes no sense. I wish it would just pour. K I'm done ranting. Here's photos of my life lately.

My neighbor Gavin. I brought him to blue martini in town square to party with my coworkers. He was a trooper.

It was Sarah's 22nd birthday this past week! Woo hoooo!!!

We went to this really good Mexican restaurant in tivoli village. Loved it.

For Sarah's birthday we surprised her and bought her zumanity tickets. The show was really cool! I loved it.

I took one of those pics of the stage right as it was beginning. Sorry if its illegal. Hah

Pretty sunset as I was leaving work.

This is what bellagio's deck looks like. This is only a small part of the whole place but this is how it's been this week and probably next, overcast and empty. Awesome.

My bffs. Love em.

Classic creepy elevator pic.

Sarah got her hair done finally!!!!

Just kidding haha

Cool story though about this wig!! After zumanity at NYNY we walked by this random arcade and Britney and Sean put money in some game where you push the button and the light has to land on one single arrow and you win like 250 tickets. Brit said, " christy do it!" And I was all shy and like nooo ill just waste your money, and I won't get it. Blah blah blah. I walked up. Smacked the button and totally landed on the one little light for 250 tickets!!! I was stoked. Makes me wonder if I should gamble more. Probably. Anyways we invested in that awesome wig with the winnings.

The whole group. They're the bomb.

After work celebrating of a coworkers birthday!! :)

It's my sisters birthday today she's absolutely beautiful and sweet. I love her to death.

Also I made Sarah a red velvet cake and purchased a hand mixer that I made the frosting with and I was stoked.

Happy birthday Sarah I love yas!

That's all folks!

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