Thursday, February 11, 2010

my little brother

My little brother is the best. He reminds my mom a lot of me when I was younger.
Shoutout to T. who recently got a blog! woo go follow her! :)
Cody is the best.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brian Head & BONfires

tayler was telling us a story so we hopped on the luvsac. haha
couldn't ask for better roommates
oh tayler. hahaha she's asian sometimes
JONOOOO! my model friend.

I love my Dad.
My brother Cody is the cutest thing. ever.
Me & my momma! <3>1. So me and jackie got these 3 pound bags of gummy bears from our momma. I love how thoughtful she is. when we got to our room they were sitting on our pillows.
2. I taught my Mom how to snowboard :) she was a fassst learner.
3. I saw my friend Allison from high school, she works at brian head and I missed her.
4. The more & more I think about it I miss High School.
5. I hate to admit that. I swore I would never miss high school but look at me now. missin it.
6. growing up scares me. I don't have a job. I don't pay for anything. I'm spoiled but I appreciate everything. My job is to get good grades. I want a job though. I'll probably get one soon.
7. I love snowboarding. Honestly going with some of my guy friends has been the best thing for me, when we'd all go together the girls just had to keep up and so we got better because one day it just clicked.
8. Im majoring in web designing, but I'm not doin so well in my web essentials class. Coding and html and xhtml and css is difficult. Idk if I can stay in this major, I can't really see myself making websites for people. ughhh Im so UNSURE.
9. Feb 1st was Darren's 19th birthday! wooo. :) I hate that he's in CUBA. This whole long distance relationship is hard and annoying. but I miss him a LOT.
10. if I didn't have facebook I'd actually do my homework more and pay more attention in school. I can't imagine getting on my laptop and actually doing homework everytime I got on. can you? nope.
11. I miss cheerleading. I want to dance haha it's a little too late, I'm in college now, maybe I'll take a dance class? I'd probably embarrass myself though.
12. valentines day is a crap "holiday". we need a new holiday like christmas in january and february
13. Im sitting in history, not paying attention one little bit.
14. I love bonfires. their fun and after you smell like a campfire, next time we're making smores. mmmmm :)
15. I like school, I like learning, I'd rather be at school socializing/learning than in bed watching movies on netflix. sometimes.
16. Im going to babysit ethan today because Aubree has a doctors appointment! I can't wait for me neice Baylee to come! ah yay!!!! :) :) :)

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