Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things that make me happy

-That's my Darren
-My Mom and Dad :)
Words can't express how much I love this little guy.
My sis. She's real cute. She's always better dressed than anyone I know.
Old Friends over winter break. :)
My Crazy CRAZY crazy father... love him to peicessss
mommaaa <3>
The lake makes me realllll happy. so does cody & pookie

Grams, such a sweetheart.

Me & tayler just watched Serendipity, what a freaking good movie. makes you feel like everything you do is chosen by fate like how i feel like blogging instead of doing my english paper due monday. makes me feel like this is what i should be doing. i like that. go watch serendipity. makes me want the frozen hot chocolate real bad.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti I can see you halo

So twitter is a huuuuge deal right now. I love how people can text some number and automatically they have donated to the people Haiti. I love how twitter spreads the word, how george clooney put together a benefit concert with madonna, coldplay, beyonce, justin timberlake and more celebs, and just how giving everyone is being. It's comforting to know. Anyways me & tayler want to go volunteer to haiti, who doesnt right now? but maybe in april after school ends we could go, i emailed asking a buncha stuff about volunteering haha. we're serious. I feel like crap when Im over here and I have a mini-fridge full of water bottles when people would be so grateful for water.
So my weekend started thursday, I drove to my cousin ashley's house and she had a wedding shower for my cousin's wife it was way fun to see everyone. Me, allie and sammy had a sleepover. kids say the darndest things. that used to be a real good show I think thats what it was called anyways. sammy told me 3 stories about three friends named christy sammy and allie who went to their grandmas house and there was a fox following them and so they hid and then peter pan and tinkerbell found them and anyways her stories were the best. she said "christy the only thing I have to do to be a kindergardner is color inside the lines, and spell my name right" how cute right? I know. Sammy and Allie falll asleep to church music, and every few minutes they would sing with their little tiny voices and they were just the cutest Im glad I got to hang out with them. ashley told me to write down the cute things sammy and allie said ha and i know they said other stuff but I don't remember. so I drove an hour home, and its been blizzarding ever since! literally blizzarding. and it started right when i got home. can you say blessed muchh? so Im dating darren rigsby. my 5th grade best friend. he's in cuba right now. i miss him. he's gotta be there for a year with few breaks during the year... blahhh I talked to him tonight and he said tomorrow their going to the beach, and tomorrow Im going snowboarding... two complete opposites haha so awesome. tomorrow me & tayler & iami & kolby & derek & jake & nicole are going snowboarding. thats what I love about our friends. they got season passes just like us and love to go snowboarding. we all own the mountain together and laugh at things, like last time we went i got ran over by a ski lift. I was told not to go and to wait for the next one but I didn't listen to the guy and ran up to it and it completely dominated me. but it was hilarious. This semester ive done little homework. i do math online hwk here and there. i have a 4 page essay due monday which I havent started, and I need to do my web design homework.. which consists of making a plan for a website. This is a secret but Im redoing my dads website. his isnt very good & he always asks me if Ive learned how to make websites yet so Im actually gonna plan it and make it during the next class. thats kinda all thats new with me.

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