Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things that make me happy

-That's my Darren
-My Mom and Dad :)
Words can't express how much I love this little guy.
My sis. She's real cute. She's always better dressed than anyone I know.
Old Friends over winter break. :)
My Crazy CRAZY crazy father... love him to peicessss
mommaaa <3>
The lake makes me realllll happy. so does cody & pookie

Grams, such a sweetheart.

Me & tayler just watched Serendipity, what a freaking good movie. makes you feel like everything you do is chosen by fate like how i feel like blogging instead of doing my english paper due monday. makes me feel like this is what i should be doing. i like that. go watch serendipity. makes me want the frozen hot chocolate real bad.

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