Sunday, August 16, 2009

My life in boxes

  1. Five days until the big move
  2. Everything I own is in boxes. 
  3. Me and jackie think its ultra convenient to pack in huge giant plastic boxes even when we travel. Shoutout to jackie. love you
  4. anywayy it's weird how bare my room looks
  5. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jay have been on their mission in NY and just got done with it and we're going to see them today!! We haven't seen them for 3 years... :( 
  6. I'm really going to miss my mom playing with romeo. She treats him like a child. We really really love him, whenever we go on a long trip to even trips at the store when we walk in the door we yell "ROMYYY" haha its funny
  7. I hate ppl who beg for attention on fb. Everyone thinks they're so cool all of a sudden...
  8. I just painted my nails and toenails and they're ugly. I cant do this. 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things I love

  1. I love sonic ice
  2. I love swimming
  3. I love the lake
  4. I love my mbp
  5. I love my friends
  6. I love my family
  7. I love movies
  8. I love blogging even if its about nothing
  9. I love penguins
  10. I love hawaii
  11. I love the sun
  12. I love music
  13. I love cars.
  14. I love independance
  15. and finally, I love my life. 

Friday, August 14, 2009


  1. I'm addicted to my macbook. I don't even know what to do with it. All I have to do with it so far is to go on facebook, twitter, myspace (rarely), and blogspot.
  2. I take my mbp (macbookpro) with me everywhere
  3. My mom and me just went swimming with some ladies from church at some pool and I took my mbp. haha Seriously I can't get enough of it.
  4. I was a big teddy bear collector when I was younger, and I gave most of them to my younger brother Cody and luckily he kept them, I went in his room today and looked at a bear I had given him like 5 years ago and I'm thinking I want to bring it to provo with me, just to feel homey? you all know the feeling
  5. During the summer I'm a complete waterbug. hence the title of my post
  6. We go to the lake, go swimming everyday, the beachhh.. Summer is just the best time to swim, no cares, no stresses, just you and the water.
  7. When it comes to the beach I'd rather be snowboarding. I don't like sea water, makes you feel all sticky, and the ocean is either too hot, or to cold, or too crowded.. snowboarding is the bomb
  8. I just checked the weather in utah and its 86 degrees. That sounds perfect. 
  9. seven days ladies and gentlemen. that sounds shorter than a week.
  10. Since Tayler is in NYC and ditched me for 14 days I have noone to hangout with. actually scratch that. me and mom have been bonding lately, we have great talks and have established that I'm a player. and dad has a hard time accepting/understanding that.
  11. I think my whole freshmen 15 blog where I write 15 things is kinda hard with the nonexciting life I have.
  12. I hate moochers, or people that want things, even people who complain so ppl can give them sympathy. I just want to yell at them "buck up. Nobody wants to hear you complain." I say that now but people know I'd still listen to this person.
  13. This is Taylor Swift's favorite number. I love taylor swift. I think Tayler introduced me to Taylor's music. So shout out to t-strat. thanks "bbygirl"
  14. I hate my phone. for all you at&t people DON'T get a Samsung Impression, the touchscreen with a keyboard. it's retarded.
  15. and finally, the freshmen 15. the ending number. I just hope I don't gain the extra 15 lbs. ha Nahh I wont. but still. ah. <3

Bad hair day, great mug shot

While buying my macbook the sales guy was talking to me and my mom and he was telling us about this mug shot he saw..."Marcus T. Bailey was being hunted by police over a parole warrant when he stepped from a barber's chair to allegedly sell crack cocaine to two addicts. According to police Bailey, 25, was getting his hair braided in corn rows when he left the shop in Indiana on Wednesday to do the drug deal inside a nearby car."


another summer blog

  1. so this morning I went over to Britini Richard's house at 6am to do her hair, it's her and her husband's 1 year anivarsary =) and she wanted her hair to look nice when they drive to california today. I think its funny how girls are like no I cant curl my hair like that, when they really can.. just takes some practice.
  2. I love doing hair.
  3. I havent gotten up this early since school. I cant believe that every day Id go to seminary at 530 every morning. Insane. anyways so I did her hair, now Im up, cant go back to bed. Considering the gym, but I probably won't go. haha 
  4. My cat romeo is the source of my 
    entertainment over sumer. he picks on my husky dog pookie and it's seriously hilarrrious to watch
  5. David, britini's husband asked me "christy do you like the Jonas brothers?" I said "not really" haha he likes the rolling stone magazine so Britini bought him one, and aparently it was a special addition on the Jonas Brothers... and he wanted to give it to someone out there who actually  liked them. the JoBros. so gay. I only like  a few of their songs.. other than that I could care less about them.
  6. GUYS, 7 days till I move to utah!!!! everyday I think yay 10 days!  yay 8 days. and now its 7!! 
  7. I'm mostly excited to see my sisters in utah. I never see Jackie anymore because she's  married and working hard, and she lives far, but this year Ill be super close to her so I'm stoked! and Aubree, who is pregnant btw.. she lives in west jordan so ill be babysitting a ton. Im babsitting already on the 27th, ethan, my nephew. He is the cutest boy i've ever seen, blonde hair and blue eyed. He's beautiful..
  8. Yesterday I applied online at an at&t store in orem, and I had to take like a 275 question quiz. I was like for real? and it wasn't even like good questions, they were the same thingss over and over like... "You've seen sandy at work, and her work space is dirty, what would you do?" heres the options: tell your manager, clean it up yourself and tell nancy you wont do it for her again, leave it there-someone'll clean it up, or tell nancy your going to tell the manager and force her to clean it up. oh the last one for sure.
  9. dumbest question quiz ever, but I wanted to work at at&t since Im always helping my family with their phones, and I know a ton about phones, if something's wrong with your's and you hand it to me I'll figure it out, even if Ive never worked with it before Im a geek. 
  10. i love that sydney white movie, where amanda bynes runs for stuco president and she yells Im a geek! and everyone like stands up and says something about them thats geeky and then they yell Im a geek. I love sydney white, the fast and the furious, the house bunny, fired up, i love funny movies.. scary movies not so much...
  11. Ive decided Im goonnaa blog a lot more, this year. I dont think anyone reads it but thats fine with me. peace yall 


Lets get this straight. Im not a good blogger. I want to be, Ill have to keep working on it.
-I got my macbook today. Me and my mom and brother and his bff oliver couldnt stop taking hilarious pictures, I even put my pride and joy, romeo (my cat) in them. haha they're presh. 
-dad went to utah today so were pretty lonely around here
-mom's constantly on her iphone. loves her wholefoods aps, and her dexknows.. you know those sort of weird things.. haha
-she definitely loves her books on there. she's addicted
-even dads always on his phone. mostly talking a lot. he runs down the battery so much he bought this energizer battery that plugs into where you'd put the charger and it just dangles off your phone. haha it looks kinda weird. thats probably why its sitting on the counter. being unused. just like half the things the orrock family buys
-cody's favorite word is shut up. he cant stop saying it to me. the kids kinda got an attitude
-college in 8 days. tayler comes home from nyc in 5. I dont know what Im doing without her. I dont hang out with anyone anymore. just my mom, tayler, and quincey.
-im excited for college, but nervous. duh like everyone. that was stupid to say haha but ill miss my mom and dad. luckily Ive got my two sisters up there to make me feel not so homesick
-im going to sleep in mommys bed tonight :) 
peace peeps. <3 

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