Friday, August 14, 2009

another summer blog

  1. so this morning I went over to Britini Richard's house at 6am to do her hair, it's her and her husband's 1 year anivarsary =) and she wanted her hair to look nice when they drive to california today. I think its funny how girls are like no I cant curl my hair like that, when they really can.. just takes some practice.
  2. I love doing hair.
  3. I havent gotten up this early since school. I cant believe that every day Id go to seminary at 530 every morning. Insane. anyways so I did her hair, now Im up, cant go back to bed. Considering the gym, but I probably won't go. haha 
  4. My cat romeo is the source of my 
    entertainment over sumer. he picks on my husky dog pookie and it's seriously hilarrrious to watch
  5. David, britini's husband asked me "christy do you like the Jonas brothers?" I said "not really" haha he likes the rolling stone magazine so Britini bought him one, and aparently it was a special addition on the Jonas Brothers... and he wanted to give it to someone out there who actually  liked them. the JoBros. so gay. I only like  a few of their songs.. other than that I could care less about them.
  6. GUYS, 7 days till I move to utah!!!! everyday I think yay 10 days!  yay 8 days. and now its 7!! 
  7. I'm mostly excited to see my sisters in utah. I never see Jackie anymore because she's  married and working hard, and she lives far, but this year Ill be super close to her so I'm stoked! and Aubree, who is pregnant btw.. she lives in west jordan so ill be babysitting a ton. Im babsitting already on the 27th, ethan, my nephew. He is the cutest boy i've ever seen, blonde hair and blue eyed. He's beautiful..
  8. Yesterday I applied online at an at&t store in orem, and I had to take like a 275 question quiz. I was like for real? and it wasn't even like good questions, they were the same thingss over and over like... "You've seen sandy at work, and her work space is dirty, what would you do?" heres the options: tell your manager, clean it up yourself and tell nancy you wont do it for her again, leave it there-someone'll clean it up, or tell nancy your going to tell the manager and force her to clean it up. oh the last one for sure.
  9. dumbest question quiz ever, but I wanted to work at at&t since Im always helping my family with their phones, and I know a ton about phones, if something's wrong with your's and you hand it to me I'll figure it out, even if Ive never worked with it before Im a geek. 
  10. i love that sydney white movie, where amanda bynes runs for stuco president and she yells Im a geek! and everyone like stands up and says something about them thats geeky and then they yell Im a geek. I love sydney white, the fast and the furious, the house bunny, fired up, i love funny movies.. scary movies not so much...
  11. Ive decided Im goonnaa blog a lot more, this year. I dont think anyone reads it but thats fine with me. peace yall 

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