Friday, August 14, 2009


Lets get this straight. Im not a good blogger. I want to be, Ill have to keep working on it.
-I got my macbook today. Me and my mom and brother and his bff oliver couldnt stop taking hilarious pictures, I even put my pride and joy, romeo (my cat) in them. haha they're presh. 
-dad went to utah today so were pretty lonely around here
-mom's constantly on her iphone. loves her wholefoods aps, and her dexknows.. you know those sort of weird things.. haha
-she definitely loves her books on there. she's addicted
-even dads always on his phone. mostly talking a lot. he runs down the battery so much he bought this energizer battery that plugs into where you'd put the charger and it just dangles off your phone. haha it looks kinda weird. thats probably why its sitting on the counter. being unused. just like half the things the orrock family buys
-cody's favorite word is shut up. he cant stop saying it to me. the kids kinda got an attitude
-college in 8 days. tayler comes home from nyc in 5. I dont know what Im doing without her. I dont hang out with anyone anymore. just my mom, tayler, and quincey.
-im excited for college, but nervous. duh like everyone. that was stupid to say haha but ill miss my mom and dad. luckily Ive got my two sisters up there to make me feel not so homesick
-im going to sleep in mommys bed tonight :) 
peace peeps. <3 

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