Sunday, July 5, 2009


The leavitts and the orrocks.

Alyssa and Jessica are two of the funnest girls i know. love you guysss

This is my little brother Cody. He's seriously hilarious, ask any of my friends. And he's addorable, & a spinning image of me when i was little

Me & my familiaaa.

Ive known this girl Alanna Brown since I was 3 years old. We've been waiting and have been looking forward to this day for a verrryy long time.

Graduation was fun, it was filled with bbq's and naps, it was an exhausting day. we graduated at 9 am, had to be there at 730 and had fun. Im way happy Im done with high school. Everyones been saying oh one day youll wish you could go back.. but right now Im just happy to be done. I cant believe I never have to go back to Bonanza high school, unless I visit Mr. Mast. ha. shout out to fritz, hes the best ap english teacher ever. well congrats to any other fellow graduate who may be reading this.

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