Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 64th dad!

Well dad turned 64 years old on July 22nd, 2011! He's probably gonna kill me for putting these pictures of him up here but whatever. He always says to me, "why do you put pictures of me on your website thingy? nobody wants to see them of me." ha but dad, they do. among my fellow followers is my cousins ashlee and hollie, so this ones for you guys :)

He wasn't the happiest birthday boy in the world, but we went to lunch and got a huge birthday brownie thing, (theres a pic of me and cody eating it). It was delicious, and huge. Then we just went home and had a nice fam dinner. Pretty relaxing birthday, next year its gonna be a huge surprise party, DJ, BBQ, all that jazz.

So happy birthday Dad, we love you to pieces. Thanks for all you do for us. <3

In other news, I quit my job, but I got a new one. Soooo thats good... Competition Grand Prix is coming soon! Hopefully the beginning of august. wooo. PS. Ashlee if you're reading this, get your butt to vegas!! we can't wait for you guys to come in a few weeks!!! <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mint Mint MINT!

Today I bought mint nail polish! I've been wanting mint nail polish foreverrrr. It's just revlon, I bought it from walmart, but it works great!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dolphins, family, children.

This week has been an eventful weekend at the Orrock household. Aubree & Andrew came to visit and so did Jackie, but we've also got Grammy Gourley who has been here for a few weeks too :) So heres an overload of pictures!! enjoy :)

This is ethan and andrew enjoying the dolphins. They're in the background if you look closely!
Cody got his 11 year old shots, and he took em like a champ! While he was getting them I was trying to distract him so I kept saying "think about the cute new girls at your middle school!! girls girls girls!" I was desperate, haha but it thankfully worked. He laughed at me while he got his shots.
As you can see Cody's put on a few pounds..... Just kiddddding!! He's still slim as a toothpick. We fatboothed his face though at the Dr.s office to kill some time.
This is me and bay bay! She's a cuuuuutie. I love little kids in swimsuits, especially little girls! The girl swimsuits are the cutest!!!!

This is only 2 of the gazillion plates I had of food at Red Rock's buffett. Aubree & Andrew took us all out for lunch. Let me tell you it was delicious. I had pineapple, caesar salad, mint gelato ice cream, 3 or 4 mini pieces of german chocolate cake, bbq chicken, bbq pizza, fries, mashed potatoes. I could go on forever, but the point is that it was DEEELICIOUS.
This is me and ky and cody at the dolphins :)

We had a swim day, and tried to fit as many people in the hot tub as we could.
I took the cutest pictures of aubree and baylee and ethan and andrew. I really got to test out my waterproof camera.
Squeezing in for a pool pic :)
Ethan is in something called the SPHERE. How cool does that sound right? it is cool, its a giant ball that makes you feel like a hamster in a ball.

This kid cracks me UP.

For the record, they're not sleeping, just chillin. They're freakin cute.

PS. ethan almost drowned in our pool. So if you have kids around and you're all swimming, you always think it'll never happen to the kids around because theres so many people around, but thats when it happens.... so keep an eye on them :)

have a happy summer friends!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping overload

Here's some pics of camping. :) ennnnjoy.

this is not normal camping food. come on now. it was delicious. my mom, is an angel, good at everything she does, such an amazing person.
I let him go too, bye little guy!!

camping 2011

Well, it's that time of the year again, camping. The 2nd annual family camping trip + lauren! haha Last year around this time we went to beaver, ut and camped for a few days. It was filled with fishing, laughs, apples 2 apples, and s'mores!! So needless to say I was excited about going this year with the fam and lauren. We're getting pretty good at camping, we used to have embarrassing camp stories because of our lack of experience, but now we pretty much got it down like a clown. we rented an RV, and some atv's, brought our fishing poles, just had a good time.

I didn't catch any of these fish. I caught one, but we let him go. :)

Oh this is suuuuper random, but I got this recipe from work to make these italian icies, and I made them when i got home, it's basically sugar and water melted together, then add lemon, lemon zest, and freeze. It's delicious though. i wanted to make some more with strawberries and stuff! Yummmmers. Oh but look how many freakin lemons I needed? it was like 6!! for one cup of lemon juice! are you for realllls? currrazy.

4th of july~

Hello friends!!! I know I haven't blogged in foreeeverrrr, but thats why I'm blogging now! The fourth of july was amazing. Me & kyle made cookies, brownies, a strawberry and blueberry cake that resembles the American flag, and prepared for the amazing Independence day!

This is out at dad's track. Coming soon folks. I'll keep you posted.
I swear it looks better in person. It was delicious though. I guess that's all that really matters.

So I had to work at night on the 4th, but I got to hang with my family & kyle all day, and eat yummy things. It was a good 4th. Plus---I shot off some fireworks... illegal ones :)

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