Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm alive dont worry.

I don't know where I've been or what I've been doing.. but it hasn't been blogging. The only person who really complains about that is my dad. haha so this ones to you dad. blogging is good though because it's like a little journal. that everyone and their mom can read.... ;) so I'm going to post pictures of what I've been doing because I like pictures. 

 Cody turned 12 on May 1st. He's such a man... can't believe it!! love this kid. 
 Pretty sure he's too big to be on my shoulders anymore.....sorry codes..
 nutella & pretzels... the snack of the summer... holy cow this stuff rocks...
 swimmin all day urry day. 
 3rd annual orrock camping trip in beaver ut. was a little different than last year, with the construction, lack  of water and fishies, but it was still a good time. we brought travis along who has been a family friend for ever and he had fun with our crazy fam too. 

 baylee's huge. 

 ethan's such a character!!! 

 thanks dad. without you, no fun could be had. we love ya. 

 i love & hate this picture it's so gross but too funny. 

 day pools in las vegas. do em once and you're good. your feet are hot, theres so many people everywhere, you know you shouldn't get into the water, and waters are $8.00..... and it's from the tap. go figure. thats LV for you. 
 my best friend jessica. so glad she's been here this summer. thanks for letting me borrow her cali! 
 This was the morning of the fourth of july. At summerlin's parade which sarah ^ my friend right there, her mom was in! 
 The 4th of july this year was brilliant. We set off tons of illegal fireworks, our neighbors next door had huge huge huge awesome fireworks. it was just overall amazing. I am not sure if we can top that next year!!! 

 underwater photos are a challenge... that I like to take. 

 I'm in the slide, at Rehab at the Hard Rock. Small slide but fun. 

 Gallery nightclub where we had a table for free (thanks for brit's dad who DJ'd there that night) other than that there were SO many creeps at this club, thankfully we had our own little section to keep em away. 
 my best friend/ twin/ partner in crime colleen. wuv herrrrr. 

 these light saber stick things are awesome, I have a collection at home and cody & I play star wars with them. 

 my other best friends. :) I got a lot of em. 
 EVERY thursday you can bet  I'm at stoneys country bar. My mom will ask, "what are you doing tonight" and I say.... "what day is it mom?" and she says "oh yeah... you're getting predictable... " or she'll say "you know you go there so much people know where to find you" ha love my momsy. 
cousins, I know what you're thinking.... who is this boy... are they dating.... how tall is he? etc... but let me just stop you ahead of time before ashlee tells emily who tells hollie who tells grandma about this photo haha.. this is travis (same guy who went on our camping trip) he's awesome and goes to stoneys too. 

This summer has been good. I'm secretly looking forward to school, kinda gives me a purpose... something to work towards. anyway all is good in the life of christy and I hope everything is going good for whoever you are. xo. 

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