Sunday, July 5, 2009


The leavitts and the orrocks.

Alyssa and Jessica are two of the funnest girls i know. love you guysss

This is my little brother Cody. He's seriously hilarious, ask any of my friends. And he's addorable, & a spinning image of me when i was little

Me & my familiaaa.

Ive known this girl Alanna Brown since I was 3 years old. We've been waiting and have been looking forward to this day for a verrryy long time.

Graduation was fun, it was filled with bbq's and naps, it was an exhausting day. we graduated at 9 am, had to be there at 730 and had fun. Im way happy Im done with high school. Everyones been saying oh one day youll wish you could go back.. but right now Im just happy to be done. I cant believe I never have to go back to Bonanza high school, unless I visit Mr. Mast. ha. shout out to fritz, hes the best ap english teacher ever. well congrats to any other fellow graduate who may be reading this.

3 down, 2 to go

Well my sister got married, thats right.. jackie is now Mrs. Welling! crazy right... it probably won't hit me until i see her facebook name change to Jackie Welling. on Saturday June 20th Brandon and Jackie were married at the Las Vegas temple at 1030 am. There were a few minor complications like Jackie forgetting the marriage license and the temple being about 30 minutes away.. but eventually they were married. I was on child duty while most of their parents went and watched the ceremony. I was way cool with it because I have the cutest cousins and they're the sweetest kids ever. We were a little too loud in the temple and got yelled at a few times but in the end everything worked out. When Jackie and Brandon walked out of the temple for the first time as a couple they were glowing. They are way perfect for each other its sweet and jackie and brandon if your reading this I love you both verrry much. They went on a cruise to mexico for their honeymoon, and they had a blast theyve got crazy funny pictures on their facebooks.. they came back with a baby chameleon, and 3 super cool fish, one that is like blue i think, and the other two are like invisible but have hot pink and hot green colors injected into their fins so they look tight, wether they know it or not.
Oh and the reception, I totally forgot to report about that... it was a blast. We needed a bigger dance floor, but it was way fun, the music was like stuff we listen to and not older adults (thats like the nicest way i could put that) ha and my grandpa was saying, "this isnt music, im not dancing" haha. he's a super cool grandpa though.
If your wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything its that my two sisters are married, and my brother was married in december. so now just me and cody are left.. haha we've got awhile luckily!
Well congratulations Brandon and Jacquelyn Welling. I love you both.

Cody, my little brother seriously is a star. What 9 year old does karaoake by himself? He sang I like it I love it by Tim McGraw.

We had a bbq the day after jackie's wedding which was fathers day and we had family over and had a dj/impersonator and we had tons of fun. This is my aunt debbie, me, and my dad singin. ha

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