Tuesday, March 13, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner..

I'm apologizing now for the photo I posted. Its gnar, well I look nasty in it and only 1/4 of my face is showing. Anyhow, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating dinner, and thinking my moms such a good cook. Always on the go too! Tonights dinner is simple and fast but tastes gourmet and is a hit with the whole fam and we are critical on the food made for us. Btw. "we" is my little 11 year old bro, myself, and my father! Some picky eaters if you ask me. Tonight, my mom made penne pasta, with some other squiggily pasta and marinara sauce. So she baked the noodles, added meat to the sauce, threw it in the oven, and vwah-lah. Delish. My mom makes the most delicious things, last night we had steak. mmm. but i feel like this meal is the equivilant to one of those girls that took an hour to get ready, but then when someone compliments her says, "oh I'm such a mess today." My mom's like oh stop it was so easy, nothing really. this meal is fast, delicious, and awesome and I had to share. of course it dawned on me to take a picture (b/c I love reading blogs with pictures) of what I was referring to but I was already halfway through the pasta... haha so here it is. love you whoever you are.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ive been sick and therefore not going to the gym. But I went finally yesterday to my pilates class that I love and I'm so sore. Its pathetic. I went to kickboxing today and I'm pretty sure this grandma in the class was showin me up. I really am pathetic.

I found this really entertaining blog by this talented artist. I should have been studying, but I was on stumble upon. boo me. just read it. its hilarious.

I love school and I hate school. I miss it when i'm not in it and i dread it when I'm in it. I hate midterms. I hate tests actually. I need to go study. #whitegirlproblems.

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