Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a family girl

The day before Mothers day, my friend Nikole's mother passed away. When I heard that my heart sank into my stomach, there isn't a feeling really for the sorrow that I feel for my friends whose parents passed away. My other friend Megan, her mom died yesterday due to cancer. My heart goes out to my friends because I honestly would be a MESS if I were in their situations. I don't know what I would do. Hearing that their mothers passed made me just realize how truly blessed and grateful I am for my family. I am a family girl. Always have been, always will be. My mom is my best friend, my Dad is the best, he's supppper funny. I'm way close with my sisters and my little brother is like the funniest person to be around. I'm just blessed with the best family there is. I made a video just for fun but it's got my adorable nephew Ethan in it, my new niece Baylee Aubree Blau in it, basically it's a video about my family and how happy they make me. I wish I could tell them all the time how much I love them because family is the most important thing to me. The reason I'm posting this video is because I want everyone to see my gorgeous, hilarious, and wonderful family. So enjoy it and remember that family is the most important thing we've got..

Click on the video to watch it on youtube. It's small on here. :)

So guess what? I play words, on my iphone, just like everyone else... anyways I got a 99 point word!! Don't believe me? I've got pictures to prove it. I was playing against my mamma, and the word is JEON. I know, I made it up, but apparently it's a word!!

The funny thing is, is that I've never been good at scrabble, Jackie can vouch for that. When we were little we were playing with our mom and it was my turn I was taking awhile I guess and Jackie said, "just hurry up and make a word." and my reply was, "well I could spell korea if I had a C." Jackie immediately threw her letters at me and ended the game. I never was good at scrabble, but with the game Words, I've been doing a lot better.

So here's the funny story of the week...
So me and Tayler went to the Hogle Zoo with my sister and her family awhile ago. There is a really cool bird show that isn't starting for a few months. Some of their birds are not friendly, so the workers put them on leashes and walk around with them so the birds can get used to people. So me and Tayler walk up to this eagle, and the eagle jumped off the worker's hand and scratched my leg with it's gigantic long nail. So I have this gnarly scratch down my leg, and thats the story I tell people... because the real story is lame. Tayler came up with this hilarious story, because we did go to the zoo and they really have birds walking around with the workers who aren't used to people so it seemed like a legit story, but the eagle scratch is a huge exaggeration. Funny thing is, people believe this story. We went to the hot springs the other night and told some guys this story, totally bought it, went to the jacuzzi last night, told some people the story, they totally bought it too haha. I haven't spread the story, I told some friends the story and they know it's a joke but they told some others and it just got around haha. It's hilarious. So if you hear about the girl at the zoo who got scratched by a eagle, it's me. The pic of it is from when its healing, it used to be HUGE and deep. Here it is:

well that's all for now <3>

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