Wednesday, October 26, 2011

thrilled right now

It's only wednesday. Feels like thursday or something. This week has seemed long because of midterms probably. I just hate them. Anyways, I slept in,skipped some classes and did more productive things such as: making an earring holder out of a picture frame, and making my halloween costume!! It's not a full picture because the final product is a surprise. Y'all don't get to see me with my wings, sparkles, and dress on till this weekend. (I know you're dying inside).

whats funny is I thought this would be large enough for all my earrings, but I have tons left soooo hm.
Finally, after cutting and cutting (not too short :) My mom did this whole thing, I just cut the bottom ( of course). So thanks momsy. without you, I'd be nothing (seriously). She dealt with my complaining its too tight, it's too long, it's too this and too that... but finally the outfit is complete. Funny story for ya: these were my curtains as a child. haha yes, my room was lime green & hot pink and black. Most walked in it and said it looked like a watermelon, I loved it!! So we had this awesome fabric lying around... so I decided to be tink!! next year, i'll use the other side of the curtain to be a mermaid. haha it's shiny & sparkly so what else could you ask for!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Stacks

I'm In the stacks, the library, on the 5th floor to be exact. You'd think I'd be an A++ student for how much I come to the library... but I'm not. I got up here, and I remembered my like dream goal i life, well not dream goal but a fun goal, to make out with someone in the stacks. Like in The Prince & me. If you don't know what I'm talking about I suggest you go watch that movie.

Anyway, my "dream" has been shattered today because there are rooms everywhere, and little tables and people, everywhere! Curse you UNLV! I'll still find a place, and a boy to do these things with though! Somewhere in here, it's possible. I just know it. g2g study. yes, I said g2g.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here are some Pictures of things Ive found on Pinterest, my favorite thing these days. I forgot all about this lovely website.

In the Orrock Household, we LOVE Madagascar, it's such a good show, so when I found this picture, I put it on my Moms wall. Sorry I embarass you mom, you can unfriend me on FB. ha I wouldn;t blame you. JK. She loves it, and suggested I be King Julian for Halloween which isn't a bad idea. Except we're making my tinkerbell outfit from my old blind fabric and we have some wings already. It all worked out fabulosly.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Some cute pics

I'm still at unlv's library. not doing homework. Heres some pics of things I like:

Just wanna sayyyyy

Just wanna say:

If today were my birthday I'd cry, I woke up late, with makeup I slept in, and pool hair. I went in the hot tub last night and didn't have the energy to shower (ew right?) i know, I probably shouldn't share that but who reads this anyways. My slogan is "Pool hair, Don't care." haha But I still love this saying. So start each day like its your birrrthdayy! love you. xoxo

Here I am.

Here I am sitting in UNLV's lied library in my little cubicle. Here I am on facebook and blogger. Here I am, trying to do homework. Te 21st century has a million distractions. UNLV's library makes me miss UVU's library. I used to go to the lib with tayler, and we used to get sodas, and park in employee parking, and rent a room to "study" when really we'd have our private parties in there.

So heres to you t, I miss you, hope the married life is goin good. I miss utah sometimes. Today is one of those days.

Friday, October 14, 2011

here's pics of my day!! No school today
This is a picture of ask the announcements we've gotten for weddings. Or board was filing yup fast so I had to reorganize it... Sometimes I wanna be married. But then I don't. Ha I'm super happy where I am in life right now.

This is pookie.he hates pictures seriously its sad and funny.

I made pumpkin cookies today. Delicious and only the ingredients!!! One egg, spice cake mix, and half a can of pumpkin pre mix, oh and some chocolate chips. 18 mins, 350°. Make them they're delicious.

Lastly, this car had a creepy clown face in the back window and a bloody got hanging from the trunk. Sometimes these things creep my out, other times they're hilarious.but clowns suck.not cool buddy.

I'm still sick.. Thumbs down... But I'm carving pumpkins tonight with Bret Harber Nathan and carlee so that'll be fun! Thumbs up.

I'm a genius

Hey peeps!! I'm so freakin happy right now.wanna know why? Because I figured out how to blog on my Android!! I just had to click on the html thing and not compose!! Woo!! I'm sick and can't breathe.but I have nothing to complain about because its Thursday night and its the start of the weekend for me, and so many lovely people are coming in town this weekend and Halloweens coming up, my mom and I watched Friday night lights together while eating home made cinnamon rolls btw and the list goes on and on. So you could day being sick doesn't bother me. I have nothing worthwhile to blog about, just the fact that I figured out how to do it on my phone which I'm currently using and its NOT an iPhone which is insane to me because I love apple products....but oh well!! Love love love you whoever you are reading my blog....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

forgot to mention one little thannng

About my day, where my phone got stolen... some drunk driver ran into the track last night. But don't sweat the small stuff right? Nobody was hurt. I would post a picture, buuuut it's on my stolen phone. so I can't. Let's be+ tho. (be positive).

Guess schhhwat?

Today, was a great saturday. I woke up & made crepes with my momsy... I even threw in chocolate chips. And anybody who knows me knows I loooove chocolate chips. So thats always a great way to start out the day :) Then my mom, cody and I went to walmart and lowes to buy halloween decorations for the go-cart track. We got sweet stuff, like a fog machine, and grem reaper creepy stuff. :) We were pretty busy out at the track all day, it was fun. Unfortunately my phone was stolen.... so that puts a downer on things... and for awhile I was sad, until I thought about how incredibly blessed I am and how much a stupid phone doesn't matter. at all. I always think of my friend Garrett Phillips. He passed away on Sept 4, 2008 and he was SO full of life. If he were here he'd laugh at me for being so stressed about over a phone. For some reason, I lose my phone and I think it's the end of the world, when I need to realize how much it doesn't matter and if I should get the iphone 4s or just get a replacement, or get just the iPhone 4. These stupid materialistic things don't matter at all. I'm thankful I have a wonderful family, and that we're all healthy & happy. The point is, that we all need to not be so dependent on materialistic things, and just live. xoxo.

Friday, October 7, 2011

To do

Things to do tomorrow:
1. Make crepes with this recipe.
2. Make this dress that I found off this blog.
3. take my pups on a walk.
4. enjoy the beautiful october saturday that lies ahead.

xoxo, ceo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lights out

So I woke up, at 8:30 had to leave by 9 to go to school. I'm freaking out because my tires need to be inflated. Also I need an oil change, every light is flashing on my stupid car. egh. The stupid light is on in my car telling me the tires are low, sooo I checked, all of them are 24.0 they should be 30.0. Cool, not that big of a deal but I want to get them to 30.0 so I dont get all nervous about them. I drive down to school, I'm early so I go to a gas station to fill my tires with air. Air is free at gas stations now a days, but the sign on the air thing says tell cashier you need it turned on. So I go inside, ask for him to turn it on, he asks if I bought gas, I say no, he says it'll be a dollar, I brilliantly say, "you're joking right? I'm breathing air right now! you gonna charge me for that too?" I storm out of there, say screw the air, I'll fill them at home. I'm a freakin college kid, I barely want to spend a dollar on gum. So, mad I drove to school. Went to class. Found out I didn't do so hot on my history exam... great. After school, I went to another gas station to fill my tire with air... it said it cost 50 cents. I said finnnne. payed it, and tried to fill my tires. Somehow they freakin deflated them instead of inflating them! they were 24.0 not the left tire is 22.0. I was so angry. Girls I know how to put air in my tires, I've done it a million times in utah.... I don't understand. So frustrated and all i called my mom and complained and then I called my dad and told him everything. He said go to his office and he'll fill my tires for me. What a great dad right? Love my dad.... so I went to dad's office- and skipped Biology. after I 2ent home & napped. Taking afternoon naps is one of my absolute favorite things in life by the way Around 4 when I took my glorious nap, the power went out. My mom said casually, "oh this happened a few days ago, it'll be back on in a few minutes." I wake up at 6, lights are off, it's colder but we have the fire going, and candles are everywhere. So the power had been off for 2 hours... First thing that comes to my mind is, is the ice cream and stuff in the freezer going bad? haha how pathetic. Anyways, so my Dad is pretty much preparing for the end of the world, he gets out this huge light stand, and his generator. Turns out the generator wouldn't start. "When you need something, it doesnt work." thats what happened tonight. So after my dad and I have been outside for an hour+, taking apart the spark plug, blah blah trying everything, freeeezing and me holding the flashlight on my stun gun so he can see he eventually goes to the auto store or wherever and buys a new spark plug and auto starter or spraying starter fluid that smellls reallly nasty. So, after we take apart this generator, put a new spark plug in, spray the starter fluid on the thing, it barely starts....& then it dies. It does this like 40 times. So I walk inside, and suddenly the lights turn back on! haleluliah! me & cody were getting bored, and I was nervous, The Vampire Diaries was on at 8, and the Secret Circle was on at 9, which it was 7:40 when the lights came back on.

Moral of the story: be prepared, check your shiz often, and have batteries and water.
Best part of the story*** only a few houses on our street didn't have power.... if you went past our house like 5 houses down, they had power. it was evil. Longest post ever I know. But it was such a grand story it had to be told.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloweenerz Festivities

Seriously found the cutest site for some halloween cupcakes. First of all I love cupcakes, second I love holidays. So the two things together cannnot make me any happier!!! I stole the picture from THIS bloggy. Make them for me. Everytime I see something like this I think, mine wouldn't turn out like those ones... haha thats a horrible way to think I KNOW. but its true.....

Also!! Something I just decided I wanted to try was to play with polymer clay!!! You can make little charms out of them or jewelry. Like here and here! Just something I want to do :)

OH super exciting news--- we booked our first party out at the track for Tuesday the 11th at 3:30 for a construction company! I'm excited!! :)

Is it bad that I reaalllly want to do this to my hair? My mom is against it completely, but oh well! maybe I'd just do purple & teal. What's the big dealllll? It's just hair! My blonde is getting annoyyying. I wanna do something diffferent. & this sure is different º_º

Listen up

All the sudden I've been into making things, and DIY recipes. So here's what I've found/tried:

Making bracelets was first. I got the instructions/idea here. Cody found the orange heart bead out in the backyard when he was digging. So I threw it on a bracelet and its kind of halloweenie. I like it :) how cute though right? Here's a pic of mine:
This is my super curly hair that I tried to do.. Let me just tell you this pic was taken early in the am around 8, so thats why I look oh so good! The curls failed. Some were too curly, some weren't enough. etc. But I found the idea here. I think you need thick hair for it!

Last but not least is my ring creation. These are addicting to make. For some reason I really enjoy making them!! So I got the idea off of someone's blog. I can't remember where.. but anyways It's super simple, if anybody is interested let me know I'll tell you how or something. So I bought some pliers and some wire and got at it. Thats kinda how this went down. I want to make things out of sterling silver like this etsy shop. That's my real goal. I have my ctr ring thats in cursive and I want another ring or necklace like it.

One last thing.... I tried this homemade moisturizer thing because this lady in her blog raved about it, but so far, it isn't workin for me. I have extremely dry skin. So I made this stuff which is EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), tea tree oil, and Castor Oil. It's supposed to be so good for you but my face was sooo dry after I hated it. Check it out, make it for yourself, see if I'm wrong. Most people love it!!

Heres things I want to try:
-Homemade solid lotion
-Making this dress
-Paint something like this.
-create this string art
-maybe make some homemade lipbalm

We'll see. I don't even have time to do my homework and I want to make dresses and homemade lipbalm? I'm trippin. I know it. But where there's a will, there's a way! Hasta la Vista peeps. xoxo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainy days

It's a rainy day. This is the second day I have gotten to wear my boots :) LOVE days like this!! I'm wearing a bracelet and ring that I made, my hair is in a huge bun on my head because I tried to curl my hair while I slept by twisting and pinning it on my head, it turned into like Taylor Swift hair x infinity. needless to say, it looked hideeous, so it's in a bun on top of my head with a headband my cousin hollie made :)

Because it's a rainy day, I should be at home, in bed, watching movies and cuddled up with some hot chocolate. But instead I'm sitting in class at 9:30 am and I have class until 4:15. I like school sometimes so it's okay. that's all folks!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I have something exciting to tell you! The other day, specifically last monday, I went out to the track. Picture this: I was whiting out something on our go-cart track poster, and this sweet little voice behind me says "excuse me, do you know where the bus terminal is?" it's literally 100 degrees out, I'm dying of heat, and I'm thinking, no, I have a car, why would I ever know such information? This lady was, black, sweating, at least 67 years old, and exhausted. I could just tell. So I thought, lets ask someone. No one was around. Shoot. So I think google it on my phone. I said screw it, I'll just take her to a terminal.

Now listen here, I'm NOT one to pick up strangers, and take them in my car. I'm a smart girl. I carry around a stun gun and I always watch my back. But I had a feeling. Whats funny is that on sunday, I was listening to the boys baring their testimony's saying, " I pulled over and changed a tire for this lady.. blah blah." I was thinking, thats sweet, I wish I could pull over for people when I see them off the road but being a girl, we have to be careful. I always see grandpa's and grandma's aka old people walking around and I want to pick them up and take them home! I would want someone to do that for my Grandma ya know? Sadly, I've never done that... but always wanted to....

SO, back to my story! I look at this lady and say let's go find this terminal. We drive to 7-11, ask the cashier, he says we're close. YAY! So, I got directions and took her there. We had a little convo while I was driving there. She thanked me MILLION times. What was funny is I was thanking her and she was so confused. I have been wanting to serve or help people, but didn't know where to start! I emailed someone about volunteering and the response I got was it had to be court ordered community service! Are you kidding me? okay, so I have to be a felon or do something illegal in order to help people? Screwed up. Anyways, I found the terminal, we chatted, I thanked her, she thanked me. I'm just thankful I could help someone with something I had, a car. Seriously that's the easiest thing I could do, was to drive someone somewhere! I didn't have to youtube how to change a tire, I didn't have to walk 10 miles, I had to sit in an air conditioned car, and do someone a favor. How difficult right? Anyways, I just wanted to share it on my blog so that I remember Joanna and so that we all can PAY it FORWARD! :) I'm a firm believer in KARMA, and paying it forward.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I can't believe it's already October! Seems like just yesterday I moved back home, when in reality it was 4 months ago. Seriiiously? Time is flying. Cody's in 6th grade, jack has been married for 2 years now, aubree is having her 3rd child!! What in the worrrrld!? cray cray! (khloe kardash uses that for CRAZYYY). I'm embracing this month with open arms because it's the start of my favorite time of the year, the holiday season!!! If I could make it this time of the year all the time I would... I want to be in utah right now though. The leaves are falling, it's colder but not snowing, just perfect boot season. Kills me, while it's still bloody hot here in vegas.... My perfect day right now would be to have movies, tons of movies such as harry potter (any of them), one tree hill episodes, gossip girl even, a new movie, with a blanket, huge blanket on a comfy couch, or luvsac, in a dark room, with snacks, and a boy who just wants to hold me. cheeeeezarama I know. that little dream's gonna have to wait for awhile..... just sounds real good to me right now. So cheers to the fall and holiday season!

Anyhow, I've discovered i have a huge problem. I love chocolate and anything sweeeeeet! Okay yeah every girl loves chocolate, but not like me and my mom. At least once a day I think, I need a candy bar, or I should have some chocolate right now. Who does that? A chocoholic!!! For example, I made a cake today, granted it was for my friend Lauren, and I sent it home with her (thankfully) but when I was making the choco frosting, I ate the rest of it!!! I also bought cookie Dough Bites and mini Butterfingers today when my dad sent me out on a twizzler run. haha bless our family's eating habits. I'm also a shopaholic, and a netflixaholic, and a facebookaholic. I'm sorry for whoever's reading this, it's basically my little journal on the world wide web.

My favorite person just texted me!!! It's late too, wasn't expecting him to be up, but guess so! My room is warm, but I have my sensy (smelly good candle) on and it has a new scent in it. My room's organized so I'm feeling somewhat put together, and although it's late, I want to go in the attic and get down the halloween decorations.....

Oh, ps: I made a bracelet! This is HUGE. Sometimes I get really good ideas, but never follow through... but I bought the stuff, made three of them, gave one to lauren and my mom and they said they loved them. It's exciting to me! I'm wearing mine right now, with a bead Cody found outside when he was digging in the backyard and said it might have been mine when I was a little kid, and I kind of recognized it... :)

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