Friday, October 14, 2011

here's pics of my day!! No school today
This is a picture of ask the announcements we've gotten for weddings. Or board was filing yup fast so I had to reorganize it... Sometimes I wanna be married. But then I don't. Ha I'm super happy where I am in life right now.

This is pookie.he hates pictures seriously its sad and funny.

I made pumpkin cookies today. Delicious and only the ingredients!!! One egg, spice cake mix, and half a can of pumpkin pre mix, oh and some chocolate chips. 18 mins, 350°. Make them they're delicious.

Lastly, this car had a creepy clown face in the back window and a bloody got hanging from the trunk. Sometimes these things creep my out, other times they're hilarious.but clowns suck.not cool buddy.

I'm still sick.. Thumbs down... But I'm carving pumpkins tonight with Bret Harber Nathan and carlee so that'll be fun! Thumbs up.

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AaReAn said...

those pumpkin cookies look divine! Oh I LOVE pumpkin cookies (a fall season down fall haha)

Thanks for all the shout outs! YOu're awesome!

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