Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainy days

It's a rainy day. This is the second day I have gotten to wear my boots :) LOVE days like this!! I'm wearing a bracelet and ring that I made, my hair is in a huge bun on my head because I tried to curl my hair while I slept by twisting and pinning it on my head, it turned into like Taylor Swift hair x infinity. needless to say, it looked hideeous, so it's in a bun on top of my head with a headband my cousin hollie made :)

Because it's a rainy day, I should be at home, in bed, watching movies and cuddled up with some hot chocolate. But instead I'm sitting in class at 9:30 am and I have class until 4:15. I like school sometimes so it's okay. that's all folks!!


Ashlee said...

So it has been a long time since I read your blog had a lot to catch up on!! I love reading it makes me feel like I am with you! We really miss having you come up! My girls keep asking when is christy coming and I have to remind them that you don't live in Utah. Grandmas bday was so fun! Really missed you! The weather is just now changing here. It's raining here too! It's supposed to snow in the moutains on thurs. It is starting to be boot weather. I think you need to come up and stay with us!! Miss you keep posting! Love ash

Christy Orrock said...

Ash, my faithful follower! hah I love you sooo much!! I'm excited about this family cookbook. that's why I want you to put the recipe for those eclairs we made in it! haha they were so delcious and that weekend was so much fun!! seriously I miss little allie reags and sammy!! they are the best. tell them hey for me!! :) grandma is the cutest. I wish we could have nbeen there for her bday. keep sending pix of the girls in their halloween outfits and stuff! we love them!! <3 love you!!! yes, I'm coming to stay. for real!!! I dont even know why you want me to come haha all i do is eat your food and talk your ear off!! haha but I'm coming sooo soon cause I cant stand being away!!

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