Wednesday, October 26, 2011

thrilled right now

It's only wednesday. Feels like thursday or something. This week has seemed long because of midterms probably. I just hate them. Anyways, I slept in,skipped some classes and did more productive things such as: making an earring holder out of a picture frame, and making my halloween costume!! It's not a full picture because the final product is a surprise. Y'all don't get to see me with my wings, sparkles, and dress on till this weekend. (I know you're dying inside).

whats funny is I thought this would be large enough for all my earrings, but I have tons left soooo hm.
Finally, after cutting and cutting (not too short :) My mom did this whole thing, I just cut the bottom ( of course). So thanks momsy. without you, I'd be nothing (seriously). She dealt with my complaining its too tight, it's too long, it's too this and too that... but finally the outfit is complete. Funny story for ya: these were my curtains as a child. haha yes, my room was lime green & hot pink and black. Most walked in it and said it looked like a watermelon, I loved it!! So we had this awesome fabric lying around... so I decided to be tink!! next year, i'll use the other side of the curtain to be a mermaid. haha it's shiny & sparkly so what else could you ask for!!



Tayler said...

you are so freakin cute. can't wait to see how your costume turns out!! :)

Valerie said...

You make me laugh! It was fun, and you are incredibly talented to put together that awesome earring holder. I think you should have one about 30x40 for all your earrings though!

Christy Orrock said...

mom, we know it wasn't hard to make it, and I almost hit your computer with a sledgehammer. haha and thanks for helping me with my costume!!! yeee :) I want you to be a mermaid this year!!! maybe a zombie mermaid? creepy.

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