Sunday, September 25, 2011


Heres my ideas for halloween costumes:

1. mad hatter only girl-ified

2. 80's like workout girl, only not showing this much leggy!!

3. tinkerbell!!

4. cat woman or something, dress all black and give me a mask, sounds good to me!!

EXAM weeeeek

Already this dreadful week has come, exam weeeeek. Kills me. Anyhow, I hate starting to study. once I am 10 minutes into studying, I'm fine. But the whole act of shutting off fb, getting my notes out, putting my concentration into just school thats the tough part for me, especially when I find new shows that are on netflix.
Heres my week in a nutshell:
Monday: accounting exam, kill me.. go to dads office, study for tuesdays exam
Tuesday: history exam part 1
wednesday: lauren's birthday! math exam, go to bday dinner, work at track a little.
Thurs: history exam part 2. I havent finished the book yet. woops
friday: DONE. LEGGO.

Let me just tell all of you that Aubree is pregnant! That's my sister, my wonderful, hilarious, sister! She already has to stinking cute kids. Baylee & Ethan. Can't wait for this one coming in May!!! :) I love being an aunt. seriously!!

This was my grandma's birthday last year, she's so freakin cute. love her!!

Know why I love sundays? Because my fam wakes up and we make breakfast. We had blueberry and chocolate chip (not together) pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns, and OJ & chocolate milk! can you say delicious? I can.

I need to go up to utah soon, it was my grandma's birthday this last weekend and last year we went up for the weekend and had a party at my aunts house with everybody. it's a good time for sure. But now that we have the track, we can't just zip up there... sooooo lame. I just misss my family, my cousins, cousin's husbands, kiddies, sisters, aunts, grandmas, friends!!!! So cousins, if you're reading this, I hope you had a blast. I love you all so much and I'll see you soon!! xoxo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Somehow we're a month into the school year! I hate how time flies when you're older.....
Here's what I've been up to..
This is me & lauren at the track which is up and running! You can check out the website at
We're getting more cars, and hopefully getting our name out there so everyone can enjoy it!!
This is me & darren at San Genero! Such a good time!
This is the ferris wheel. Isn't it a law, if you go to a carnival, you have to go on the ferris wheel?
This is Yamila & I! She's gorrregous and hilarious. love her.
This is at the Sugar Factory for my friends 20th birthday! Seriously, they have the best gelato and cup cakes. I'm craving one now....

well I'm in class SOOO I've got to get back to "paying attention!"

xoxo, me

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