Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Somehow we're a month into the school year! I hate how time flies when you're older.....
Here's what I've been up to..
This is me & lauren at the track which is up and running! You can check out the website at www.competitongrandprix.com
We're getting more cars, and hopefully getting our name out there so everyone can enjoy it!!
This is me & darren at San Genero! Such a good time!
This is the ferris wheel. Isn't it a law, if you go to a carnival, you have to go on the ferris wheel?
This is Yamila & I! She's gorrregous and hilarious. love her.
This is at the Sugar Factory for my friends 20th birthday! Seriously, they have the best gelato and cup cakes. I'm craving one now....

well I'm in class SOOO I've got to get back to "paying attention!"

xoxo, me

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