Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 64th dad!

Well dad turned 64 years old on July 22nd, 2011! He's probably gonna kill me for putting these pictures of him up here but whatever. He always says to me, "why do you put pictures of me on your website thingy? nobody wants to see them of me." ha but dad, they do. among my fellow followers is my cousins ashlee and hollie, so this ones for you guys :)

He wasn't the happiest birthday boy in the world, but we went to lunch and got a huge birthday brownie thing, (theres a pic of me and cody eating it). It was delicious, and huge. Then we just went home and had a nice fam dinner. Pretty relaxing birthday, next year its gonna be a huge surprise party, DJ, BBQ, all that jazz.

So happy birthday Dad, we love you to pieces. Thanks for all you do for us. <3

In other news, I quit my job, but I got a new one. Soooo thats good... Competition Grand Prix is coming soon! Hopefully the beginning of august. wooo. PS. Ashlee if you're reading this, get your butt to vegas!! we can't wait for you guys to come in a few weeks!!! <3

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ash said...

Wow it took me long time but it won't again we had a blst in Vegas keep blogging I love to read it. Where is are VIP stay in Vegas pictures and blog! Love ya and really miss the party down there!
Love me

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