Monday, July 11, 2011

camping 2011

Well, it's that time of the year again, camping. The 2nd annual family camping trip + lauren! haha Last year around this time we went to beaver, ut and camped for a few days. It was filled with fishing, laughs, apples 2 apples, and s'mores!! So needless to say I was excited about going this year with the fam and lauren. We're getting pretty good at camping, we used to have embarrassing camp stories because of our lack of experience, but now we pretty much got it down like a clown. we rented an RV, and some atv's, brought our fishing poles, just had a good time.

I didn't catch any of these fish. I caught one, but we let him go. :)

Oh this is suuuuper random, but I got this recipe from work to make these italian icies, and I made them when i got home, it's basically sugar and water melted together, then add lemon, lemon zest, and freeze. It's delicious though. i wanted to make some more with strawberries and stuff! Yummmmers. Oh but look how many freakin lemons I needed? it was like 6!! for one cup of lemon juice! are you for realllls? currrazy.

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