Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Listen up

All the sudden I've been into making things, and DIY recipes. So here's what I've found/tried:

Making bracelets was first. I got the instructions/idea here. Cody found the orange heart bead out in the backyard when he was digging. So I threw it on a bracelet and its kind of halloweenie. I like it :) how cute though right? Here's a pic of mine:
This is my super curly hair that I tried to do.. Let me just tell you this pic was taken early in the am around 8, so thats why I look oh so good! The curls failed. Some were too curly, some weren't enough. etc. But I found the idea here. I think you need thick hair for it!

Last but not least is my ring creation. These are addicting to make. For some reason I really enjoy making them!! So I got the idea off of someone's blog. I can't remember where.. but anyways It's super simple, if anybody is interested let me know I'll tell you how or something. So I bought some pliers and some wire and got at it. Thats kinda how this went down. I want to make things out of sterling silver like this etsy shop. That's my real goal. I have my ctr ring thats in cursive and I want another ring or necklace like it.

One last thing.... I tried this homemade moisturizer thing because this lady in her blog raved about it, but so far, it isn't workin for me. I have extremely dry skin. So I made this stuff which is EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), tea tree oil, and Castor Oil. It's supposed to be so good for you but my face was sooo dry after I hated it. Check it out, make it for yourself, see if I'm wrong. Most people love it!!

Heres things I want to try:
-Homemade solid lotion
-Making this dress
-Paint something like this.
-create this string art
-maybe make some homemade lipbalm

We'll see. I don't even have time to do my homework and I want to make dresses and homemade lipbalm? I'm trippin. I know it. But where there's a will, there's a way! Hasta la Vista peeps. xoxo


Tayler said...

i love that hair! you would rock it!!! I say YES YES YES and i want a pretty bracelet please!! how much!?!? :)

babyFESLER said...

you are so creative!! (:

Christy Orrock said...

Tayler, first of all the hair looks decent but it's not! haha I had to rock an azn bun the WHOLE day, which we all know looks so freakish on me. Christy with an azn bun- shes freakishly taller.... Oh and bracelet for you? FUHH-ree aka FREE.

thanks baby fes!! Im not creative though, I'm just copying people :) haha wheres my spirit hat at!!?

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