Sunday, October 2, 2011


I can't believe it's already October! Seems like just yesterday I moved back home, when in reality it was 4 months ago. Seriiiously? Time is flying. Cody's in 6th grade, jack has been married for 2 years now, aubree is having her 3rd child!! What in the worrrrld!? cray cray! (khloe kardash uses that for CRAZYYY). I'm embracing this month with open arms because it's the start of my favorite time of the year, the holiday season!!! If I could make it this time of the year all the time I would... I want to be in utah right now though. The leaves are falling, it's colder but not snowing, just perfect boot season. Kills me, while it's still bloody hot here in vegas.... My perfect day right now would be to have movies, tons of movies such as harry potter (any of them), one tree hill episodes, gossip girl even, a new movie, with a blanket, huge blanket on a comfy couch, or luvsac, in a dark room, with snacks, and a boy who just wants to hold me. cheeeeezarama I know. that little dream's gonna have to wait for awhile..... just sounds real good to me right now. So cheers to the fall and holiday season!

Anyhow, I've discovered i have a huge problem. I love chocolate and anything sweeeeeet! Okay yeah every girl loves chocolate, but not like me and my mom. At least once a day I think, I need a candy bar, or I should have some chocolate right now. Who does that? A chocoholic!!! For example, I made a cake today, granted it was for my friend Lauren, and I sent it home with her (thankfully) but when I was making the choco frosting, I ate the rest of it!!! I also bought cookie Dough Bites and mini Butterfingers today when my dad sent me out on a twizzler run. haha bless our family's eating habits. I'm also a shopaholic, and a netflixaholic, and a facebookaholic. I'm sorry for whoever's reading this, it's basically my little journal on the world wide web.

My favorite person just texted me!!! It's late too, wasn't expecting him to be up, but guess so! My room is warm, but I have my sensy (smelly good candle) on and it has a new scent in it. My room's organized so I'm feeling somewhat put together, and although it's late, I want to go in the attic and get down the halloween decorations.....

Oh, ps: I made a bracelet! This is HUGE. Sometimes I get really good ideas, but never follow through... but I bought the stuff, made three of them, gave one to lauren and my mom and they said they loved them. It's exciting to me! I'm wearing mine right now, with a bead Cody found outside when he was digging in the backyard and said it might have been mine when I was a little kid, and I kind of recognized it... :)

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