Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloweenerz Festivities

Seriously found the cutest site for some halloween cupcakes. First of all I love cupcakes, second I love holidays. So the two things together cannnot make me any happier!!! I stole the picture from THIS bloggy. Make them for me. Everytime I see something like this I think, mine wouldn't turn out like those ones... haha thats a horrible way to think I KNOW. but its true.....

Also!! Something I just decided I wanted to try was to play with polymer clay!!! You can make little charms out of them or jewelry. Like here and here! Just something I want to do :)

OH super exciting news--- we booked our first party out at the track for Tuesday the 11th at 3:30 for a construction company! I'm excited!! :)

Is it bad that I reaalllly want to do this to my hair? My mom is against it completely, but oh well! maybe I'd just do purple & teal. What's the big dealllll? It's just hair! My blonde is getting annoyyying. I wanna do something diffferent. & this sure is different º_º


Jen Ballard said...

that hair is so cute! i saw it on pinterest and totally would do it.. except i don't have blonde hair. so i think you should do it!!

Christy Orrock said...

Jen I'm SO glad you support that!! I seriously want to do it! or I want to get extensions and dye those incase it goes horribly wrong. haha what do you think!?

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