Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guess schhhwat?

Today, was a great saturday. I woke up & made crepes with my momsy... I even threw in chocolate chips. And anybody who knows me knows I loooove chocolate chips. So thats always a great way to start out the day :) Then my mom, cody and I went to walmart and lowes to buy halloween decorations for the go-cart track. We got sweet stuff, like a fog machine, and grem reaper creepy stuff. :) We were pretty busy out at the track all day, it was fun. Unfortunately my phone was stolen.... so that puts a downer on things... and for awhile I was sad, until I thought about how incredibly blessed I am and how much a stupid phone doesn't matter. at all. I always think of my friend Garrett Phillips. He passed away on Sept 4, 2008 and he was SO full of life. If he were here he'd laugh at me for being so stressed about over a phone. For some reason, I lose my phone and I think it's the end of the world, when I need to realize how much it doesn't matter and if I should get the iphone 4s or just get a replacement, or get just the iPhone 4. These stupid materialistic things don't matter at all. I'm thankful I have a wonderful family, and that we're all healthy & happy. The point is, that we all need to not be so dependent on materialistic things, and just live. xoxo.

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Valerie said...

I agree- well said...I also think you're pretty dang awesome...and how'd you get to be so smart?;)

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