Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lights out

So I woke up, at 8:30 had to leave by 9 to go to school. I'm freaking out because my tires need to be inflated. Also I need an oil change, every light is flashing on my stupid car. egh. The stupid light is on in my car telling me the tires are low, sooo I checked, all of them are 24.0 they should be 30.0. Cool, not that big of a deal but I want to get them to 30.0 so I dont get all nervous about them. I drive down to school, I'm early so I go to a gas station to fill my tires with air. Air is free at gas stations now a days, but the sign on the air thing says tell cashier you need it turned on. So I go inside, ask for him to turn it on, he asks if I bought gas, I say no, he says it'll be a dollar, I brilliantly say, "you're joking right? I'm breathing air right now! you gonna charge me for that too?" I storm out of there, say screw the air, I'll fill them at home. I'm a freakin college kid, I barely want to spend a dollar on gum. So, mad I drove to school. Went to class. Found out I didn't do so hot on my history exam... great. After school, I went to another gas station to fill my tire with air... it said it cost 50 cents. I said finnnne. payed it, and tried to fill my tires. Somehow they freakin deflated them instead of inflating them! they were 24.0 not the left tire is 22.0. I was so angry. Girls I know how to put air in my tires, I've done it a million times in utah.... I don't understand. So frustrated and all i called my mom and complained and then I called my dad and told him everything. He said go to his office and he'll fill my tires for me. What a great dad right? Love my dad.... so I went to dad's office- and skipped Biology. after I 2ent home & napped. Taking afternoon naps is one of my absolute favorite things in life by the way Around 4 when I took my glorious nap, the power went out. My mom said casually, "oh this happened a few days ago, it'll be back on in a few minutes." I wake up at 6, lights are off, it's colder but we have the fire going, and candles are everywhere. So the power had been off for 2 hours... First thing that comes to my mind is, is the ice cream and stuff in the freezer going bad? haha how pathetic. Anyways, so my Dad is pretty much preparing for the end of the world, he gets out this huge light stand, and his generator. Turns out the generator wouldn't start. "When you need something, it doesnt work." thats what happened tonight. So after my dad and I have been outside for an hour+, taking apart the spark plug, blah blah trying everything, freeeezing and me holding the flashlight on my stun gun so he can see he eventually goes to the auto store or wherever and buys a new spark plug and auto starter or spraying starter fluid that smellls reallly nasty. So, after we take apart this generator, put a new spark plug in, spray the starter fluid on the thing, it barely starts....& then it dies. It does this like 40 times. So I walk inside, and suddenly the lights turn back on! haleluliah! me & cody were getting bored, and I was nervous, The Vampire Diaries was on at 8, and the Secret Circle was on at 9, which it was 7:40 when the lights came back on.

Moral of the story: be prepared, check your shiz often, and have batteries and water.
Best part of the story*** only a few houses on our street didn't have power.... if you went past our house like 5 houses down, they had power. it was evil. Longest post ever I know. But it was such a grand story it had to be told.

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