Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Howdy everybody!!! How was your Halloween? Mine was just dandy. I'm on my phone so I can't tell the order that the pictures are gonna load. Anyway I got the iPhone 4s yesterday and I'm in love with it. The androids are cool but iPhones are awesome. I went to Cali for a day and a half Halloween weekend. We went to escape from wonderland. It was a crazy huge rave party concert thing. It was fun but tiring. By 12 I was ready to to go to bed. I am 80 years old sometimes. So for Halloween which was on a Monday which kinda was weird... Started with an accounting exam then I came home and carved pumpkins with my mom and Cody. Then I bought 14 bags of candy then I took Cody to Oliver's where we trick or treated with other kiddies. Then we went back to our street that was poppin!! Literally there were so many people. There's a picture I posted of cars on the street. Lazy parents that drove to our good neighborhood to get our candy and then drive home. Kinda drives me crazy. Buuuut the most amazing thing is we didn't run out of candy. We could only give one price of candy to one person because literally we had hundreds of people come. Think about it. If we have 14 bags with 30+ pieces of candy in them, one to each person. That's hundreds. Anyways hope y'all had a great Halloween I had a fabulous one. After everyone went to sleep I went to a friends to watch scary movies then I went home scared and my mom came outside for me when I got home cause it was dark and then she slept in my room. Isn't my mom the greatest!? .my family is the bomb.. Love love love!!!

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