Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm already beginning my resolutions b/c I normally don't follow through with them. (duh), and I want these to last. HOWEVER I'll still add to my resolutions list, no matter if its feb of 2012. So far, I've been gym-min it up at LVAC for a good 3 days now. Go ME! I joined, and I'm going with my best friend's sister Natalie. She's a freakin babe, and knows what to do and pushes me. All the things I need at the gym. If I'm by myself, I don't even care and I do things half-ass, so thanks nat. I needed you!

Shoutout to my friend Amber who is the CUTEST and mean people still like to say rude things to her. You're awesome, and pretty, and amazing... so that's why haters hate on you. Good job at confronting the "oh-so-tough annonomous person" too. Remember people, they're annonomous for a reason, because they're NOBODY. I can't believe bullying is still happening now a days. Kills me. First it used to be back in the day, pushing, shoving, fighting, taking lunches, now a days someone is at home, in their Spongebob Squarepants PJ's writing annonomous things and STILL hurting people. No matter what century we're in, bullying will always be a problem and it's amazing to me how immature ppl can be. If you're being bullied, tell me & I'll take care of it. I might even drop out of school and create a job for it. I hate seeing people sad. Hate it. If someone were to bully my little brother, oh boy... that 11 year old better run. My friend Ryan Kelly, he has been my friend since like elementary school days, he made fun of my brother to my face in the 5th grade, and he still has a scar from me and won't ever let me forget it and tells everyone about it. SO theres a little warning for y'all.. I''m tough, and I leave physical and emotional scars.

Enough about bullying. I'm in a good mood I swear. I'm sitting at school, studying/blogging. listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas Station on Pandora preparing for my math exam at 1. EHH. exams stress me the freak out. Studying makes me so sleepy too. Last night I was studying in bed (badddd idea) and I fell asleep at 9 with accounting notes on me. I have to stand up every 4 minutes and slap myself in the face and do jumping jacks.

Guess what? yesterday, I was walking to my car, which was in a parking lot I never park in, I was just late that day. And I walked past this truck making the "car battery dead" noise , so I said, "Do you need help?" to a stranger and he turned around, with gorgeous blue eyes, and said yesss please. haha what a little sweetheart. I love when guys admit they need help. So I drive my car over, jump his car (saving the day).. NBD, and then he asked me out for being so gracious and helping him. haha unfortunately I can already tell he's not my type... buuut doesn't hurt that I made a new friend right? right. I'm glad I could help 'cause I'm not a guy who can just pull over on the freeway to help a stranger b/c who knows what will happpen, but if i'm at UNLV's parking lot, with lots of ppl walking by, I'm good. Anyways, Love you all. hope you are having a wonderful fantastic day.

xoxo, CEO

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Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

you are so awesome! i miss you so much, i miss living with you for two years straight and hearing you run up the stairs and running into the apartment with stories like this! love you forever!

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