Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Funday

Please excuse my stupid page right now. I'm working on getting it centered and pretty.. but for now its just a big mess. Today started out grand, woke up completely sideways on my bed (i've been sleeping like that lately) its a little weird, and my mom made me breakfast, and I added a lot of sugar and everyone laughed at me. But how else am I going to stay awake in class? DUHH. So anyways. I'm at school, in UNLV's little computer lab, thinking I'd get some homwork done, which I did. . . then blogging called my name.... Seriously think I have ADD, last night I was talking to someone and I was listening to them but suddenly asked my other friend something about what she was holding... I guess I think I can multitask too fast? I get SO distracted easily its funny. Even thought I'm in class and focusing on the teacher and the powerpoint, etc...all I keep thinking about is THANKSGIVING! I can't wait for thanksgiving. for pies, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, ughhh I cant wait. I love looking forward to things, and cant wait for them to happen, and then once they are here, and the day comes and I'm enjoying every minute of it I just want it to last forever. . . if only. I can't wait to see my friends and family, my neice and nephew, to help bake, see my grammma, and aunts, and cousins kids, and BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. Can't freakin wait. Not that I have money, thats fine, its just the whole excitement and everything with my cousins. well. I have one more class in an hour, then I'm going to Forever 21 to get leopard pants. I really want them and I have the perfect black lacey shirt to wear them with. What a day. Hope your day is fantastic!!! xoxo.

ps. just tried to log into pinterest at unlv on their computers and it says it has an error or something? I'm going to DIE. what will I do for an hour!?!?

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