Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

This is my 102nd post. I missed my 100th post. shucks. anyhow.... today was a fab day!! Sundays are nice, I sleep in, sometimes make breakfast with the fam, sometimes take naps. All the glorious things in life. So today, I woke up late, went to church and it was munch and mingle sunday. Anyone who knows me knows I love munch and mingle. You could probably get me to go anywhere if you mention food. Thats embarrassing but its not like anyone reads this anyways so its fine. So after M&M I went to dinner with my fam at Sweet Tomatos, for the record I'm not a fan. I had a crap attitude though, I was just tired and I didn't realize it and I was just being a straight up B. So when I got home, it was around 6 and I thought... (I need to go to bed, but its too early... I wanna take a bath but thats too small.... so I should go in the hot tub, that'll make me happy). SO i went in the hottub. Brillant. and it did make me happier. I literally fell asleep & was sooo relaxed. It was one of those sleeps that is like a power sleep, like 10 mins feels like 45 etc. and woke up to my brother ryan sneeking in the jacuzzi which was cool. we talked about life, traveling, experiences, ya know the usual. Then I took a shower and I was in my bed in pinterest (naturally) just laying in my heated blanket and then Clark Harrington called and said peeps were goin to Beccas to play games. Sooo I went too, took some muddy buddies, and went over there.. It was a blast, we played a game called.... shoot it was called... crap I can't remember, but alyssa leavitt brought it, and it was hilarious. thennn we played hide & go seek. Which is really fun, I always want to play and others don't cause they're too mature (gay). but we played, and I won (course), and came up with really cool hiding spots for peeps btw.

So this is what I learned today, in sacrament or somewhere in church today, someone said, "we come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing." That simple sentence struck me. I am such a materialistic girl. I can't help it, around here the mall's too close, boots are too cute, and target gets new stuff too often. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and think, all this stuff doesn't matter in the end... (granted I love the way new clothes and boots and stuff makes me feel). but, sometimes I just need to KISS,( keep it simple stupid ) I'm applying that to life, keep life simple, volunteer, help people, service, ya know-- do the real important things, not think like oohh I have the day off I should go shopping! Don't think that Christy. That's tough. Gonna take some work but thought I'd share what I learned. PS I saw my favorite family ever today, the Dominoco family. They're the nicest, awesomeist family ever.

Two days of school & then thanksgiving. I'm so excited.

btw. saw twilight part 1: gay. creepy bella got preggerz, and it was just weird, I'm glad they started the movie off with Jacob taking his shirt off. Got my attention therrrr ;-)

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