Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thxgiving 2011

This day is glorious. Sundays are the best first of all, I woke up and made waffles with my brand new waffle maker I got from black friday and they were just delicious... Now I'm back in bed with my heated blanket listening to pandora's christmas station, and I'm blogging and digesting. Then later I'm going to get the Christmas stuff down. I'm SO excited. I literally can't wait!!! I love Christmas, I love Thanksgiving, I love these last few holidays of the year. They never last as long as I want them to.

So thanksgiving 2011 was..... AMAZING. We spent a low-key little thanksgiving at my sister, Aubree's house. It was delicious, everything was amazing and we had extra everything. Then we went to our HUGE thanksgiving we have every year at a church. This one I thought was smaller than last year (but no complaining from me) quality not quantity of people..... and the quality of the people in our family is great. I miss utah b/c all the little kiddies are so fun and cute. Allie, Kaitlin, and Sophie my cousins kids just attacked me straight up, and let me tell you those kids are strong. I love all of those kids with my heart. It kills me we're not all up there together all the time.

PS we all saw the Muppets (which I hate) but it wasnt too bad... it was a cute show. and Jack Black was in it and hes funny. SO.... I say yes, its a good family show.

Two things happen when I go to utah and come home, 1 I'm sick, with a sore throat, and 2 I get fat. Like gain a couple pounds, and no its not just from the Thanksgiving food.

Prepare for pic overload::

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Jackie Welling said...

Classic Baylee face, little cuddle kins haha

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