Friday, December 9, 2011

That's right you go glen coco!!
Really though, Pride and Prejudice. Best Movie Ever. (I like the one with Keira)
mmmmmhhm my boy Drake said it all.
Santaaaa can I have him pleaseeee?

Finals week is next week! I'm SO ready for this semester to be over. Can't wait for the niece and nephew to come, the best friends to come in town, the hot chocolate, the nights filled with laughter from old friends. can't wait. It's friday, and I'm at home. of course. yeah, there was a party tonight (which I bought purple pants for...) actually I have been wanting them forever, so it was just the perfect excuse. So, point is, I'm glad I bought them, even if I didn't wear them tonight. This week has been long, and lots has happened.

Last week a neighbor that lives a street over's house burned down. Not like burnt so theres just ash, but a pretty big amt of damage and everything. LUCKILY their family is safe, they have the 3 sweetest little boys, and they're all safe. Sadly their pets died. (not sure how many, what kind) but seriously that's just the saddest thing. I can't imagine our house burning down, we've lived in this house since I was 1. Meaning, there is so many memories, so many creeks in the floors, things that if they burned down in just a few moments would break my heart. So my prayers go out to the Palluck family because a house burning down is very traumatic.

Horoscopes: lately, my horoscope has nailed me on the head. Today, my horoscope said, "you're going to be distracted easier than usual today." haha first of all, I'm distracted all the time. Secondly, I don't let my horoscope affect my day. . if I have to get shiz done, I get shiz done. Thirdly, just check your horoscope. It'll probably describe you perfectly and its crazy how the moon or whatever affects it.
I can't stand when guys who don't talk to you much, or dont have the right to, call you hunny, sweetie, sweetheart, babe, babygirl, etc. If I like you, and I mean LIKE, you'll know. Then, and ONLY then can you call me babygirl, and sugar lips or whatever the freak you please, until then PLEASE don't ever call me those names, (or any others). boys. they're friggin dumb.

Today, Cody Craig Orrock, age 11 told me he got a girlfriend! Her name is Emily. yesterday when my Mom and I picked code up from school and he showed us a note from her, it went something like I think you're cute, etc. real sweet note, then today, SHE asks him out. Ladies, woah, calm it down!! This chick moves SO fast, haha when I was 11 I was dodging guys, and I even threw away notes and cards from guys when they were so sweet and gave them to me. It just scared me, so how does a 11 year old girl take charge and start a relationship with a little boy? Just is crazy.

Sorry my post is literally the most random thing ever. Read my horoscope (gemini) we're random, flighty, adaptable, etc.

When I was younger, I used to wear this sweatshirt all the time that said, "I was going to conquer the world... until I got distracted by something shiny...." haha story of my life.

This week has made me thankful for such an amazing Mom and Dad. They are strong, sweet, and really the hardest workers I know. I'm thankful for my fridays off of school & work so I can get cafe rio and go to Costco with my mom, and end our night with hot chocolate. Really Mom, and I know you read this... you are my best friend. I love you x infinity.

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