Sunday, December 25, 2011


I uploaded all my photos, and then realized there was so much to tell and talk about that it's kind of overwhelming so i saved it as a draft, and here I am now. attempting to explain how amazing my christmas of 2011 was. I'm still listening to christmas music. no biggy! I got everything I wanted this year. What really breaks my heart is that theres people who had to work, who don't have family, whos mother or father is serving in the military far away and doesn't know when they'll be home and haven't seen their kids in forever. really, the list could go on and on. it just breaks. my. heart. and kids in an orphanage! and kids with mean parents!!! and animals!!!!! :( Makes me mad, I'm concerned about what i'm getting for christmas when theres a child out there probably just asking for new shoes........ I hate sad things. Resolution of 2012: volunteer more, make a difference. I have so many resolutions this year.

sweetest picture snapped with my iphone so sorry it kind of sucks! but how sweeeeet is ethan!? He kept saying, "Mom I want to play the racing game!!" literally like 50 times in a row, so she calmed him down and he fell right asleep on her. I can't wait to have kids so that I can be their favorite person. and buy them cute clothes.

literally the best meal ever. even though we had prime rib last night, this dinner for christmas was uhhhhhmazing. my mom's a rockstar.

my mom is an ecofriendly babe! heres her greenhouse!! expect vegetables and stuff next year folks!! I secretly think its a WOman cave, or a tent. or the dog house for my dad? hahaha ;)
prez from my bro. super stoked about it.
I tried to make some weird breakfast stuff. andrew the best brother in law ever was my guinnea pig that ate my creations, he said they were delicious..... but I'm thinking maybe I won't mess with breakfast again.
I'm OBSESSED with these earrings. Thanks santa!!! :)
new glasses. lookin sooo gooood on christmas morning!!
this is apple juice that I made with my new juicer!!!!!! the foam at the top makes it look NAST, but its deliciouuuuuuuuuus. seriously.

this picture rocks!!!! fire place. christmas morning. all my goodies!!! :)

christmas naps are the best. Christmas was amazing this year. Too much to write about so I'll just leave it at that. I love my family and this year has been oh so gooood to me. Love you whoever you are. Remember, just be happy you're alive. somewhere out there in the world theres someone with cancer fighting for life. so don't waste yours. thats kind of a depressing note to end on. but its true. xoxo ceo.

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