Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Today should be a national holiday where we all dont work, just stay in and relax. I'm still in bed and its 12:21 pm. I want to go to the gym. I do, really. It's just is going to be packed with people. Really, I'm glad b/c americans need to work out. we're fattys. So you go workout you gym-resolution go'ers!! Kinda think it's still an excuse though that I'm using. I'll just go later today. at night maybe... I hate when people say new year, new me! Come one people, you don't change, the year did. It's trippin me out it's 2012. I have this feeling it's going to be a real good year though. And if you think the "world's going to end...." you're dumb. you probably believed in the rapture too.
So. Here's my resolutions for 2012. Just like everyone and their mom, I have them too. Some of them are classic. some of them are different. and I'll add any on when they come to me.
  1. Do fantastic in school
  2. read more
  3. gym 4+ times a week
  4. be patient
  5. picture takes everywhere I go
  6. learn a language or 2
  7. be open to love
  8. knit, sew, make a blanket. be more crafty
  9. paint
  10. violin and piano
  11. me time. focus on me and what i want in life
  12. Change major to hospitality management
  13. Journal and blog more
  14. I stole this one from amber.... but focus on who a person is inside. not the outside. I really like that one.
  15. Be positive and optimistic.
Those are just a few. But they're good ones. There's a lot of them now that I look at it... I hope everyone had a great NYE! I spent mine at home, with my bff alanna and my mom. We set off some illegal fireworks, watched the ball drop on tv in NY. and went to bed before 2.

This is alanna's 21st birthday cake. Real mature I know.... but my mom and I passed it at costco and we had to get it. Their cakes are bomb. When my dad saw it he said, "that's beautiful!" haha how cute right? Oh by the way... the reason that the "Alanna" is written sooo beautifully on the cake is because I wanted to personalize it when I got home, so I made some frosting that was so tough to write with! ugh. it looks like crap but it tastes great? Cake decorating is not in my future... I know.
Love my best friend.

Also, can I just say how amazing this weather is!!? Vegas weather is awesome. Like 60 degrees and sunny and beauuutiful. Although, I want it to snow in utah so I can go SNOWBOARDING, I'm def enjoying this weather. Feels like summer!


Kim said...

Haha! love the cake is feels more personal..

found the route

Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

babe much!? happy new years sweet girl! love you to pieces.

Ashlee said...

What a fun time in Vegas! Hope to see you soon.

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