Saturday, January 28, 2012

Five Guys Friday!

Friday is my favorite day of the week. Everyone loves friday. My mom and I picked cody up from school and said, "guess what today is?" and he said, "friday?" and I said yesssss... but what else? and cody replied, "five guys friday!?" boom. instant happiness.... french fries, cheese. mmmmm. OH & this place has one of those drink machines that has literally every kind of drink there is in the world. you click on sprite, it says okay what kind of sprite? vanilla sprite? strawberry sprite? etc. its insane. I was trying all of the different kinds. I had root beer, vanilla sprite, and orange Hi-C.

So I bought this blue material today.... thinking that I could make this dress that I saw on THIS blog. Thanks to my crafty talented Mom, we didn't use a pattern, we just winged it and it is perfect. Anyone who knows me knows I love colors and turquoise and purple are my favorite colors ever. So thanks mom. I love you, and I couldn't have done it without you.

When we went to Joann's today I saw this pattern below, and I almost died. Like, how can I make that please? Knowing me I'd pick the wrong fabric, sew the wrong thing, blah. I'll work up to this one...but I'm def interested in this new hobby..
Does anyone else get this stupid notification? I don't understand at all iCloud. I wish it'd just go away. if you do understand it, please let me know how to fix this or what its all about. Thanks!
Lastly, I did something creeeepy today. Well I went up in the attic b/c we were getting down all the valentines day decorationsa and I ran into my old Cheer Excel Backpack!! Inside this backpack was my green, purple, and black sparkily uniform complete with my huge bow sported below: So I thought, I should try it on to make sure I'm not getting fat. Turns out I feel I look better in it or more comfortable in it than when I was in cheer. So that's good. Thumbs up. You can watch our last competition here. I watched it like 4 times today. The video has 8,000 views on it. impressive. I miss cheer. anyway that was my friday. hope yours went well too. xoxo.


Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

five guys is bomb. i love you, i remember going to your cheer comp and watching you in your freakin cute uniform. i miss you. i love you!!!!

Christy Orrock said...

t you were my only friend to ever come to my competitions. thanks for being such a good friend. haha I love you to pieces.

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