Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Der

Things I've learned lately:
-failures are necessary. If we got everything right on the first try, that'd be boring.
-When sad, mad, angry, happy, inspired, go to pilates. So basically anytime. I went tonight and it was aammazing.
-Take pictures and videos of animals always. My animals are the best, most photogenic, hilarious animals ever.. okay I'm done bragging.
-Thank God everyday.
-The Bachelor is so stupid, but hilarious. So I keep watching it. It's kind of like jersey shore. except I hate jerzshore w/ a passion. Forreals.
-I have the best family in the entire world. You can always count on Cody to brighten up your day. This might embarrass him, but that's what sisters are for... tonight charged into my room doing the weirdest dance ever and making the funniest faces ever with underwear on his head. hahaha I died laughing. Sometimes he takes a hilarious video of himself and slides his phone under my door, then I take a funny video and put it under his door. Glad my 11 year old brother, soon to be 12 is always there to make my day.
-I need to go to every rebel game. every one of them. I went to the last game against NM, and the mack was sold out and the energy was awesome, the traffic after the game wasn't so awesome but it was way fun. So I need to go to all of them.
-Trampolines CAN fly into swimming pools. yes it's possible. This saturday, vegas was SO windy, like walking outside was scary, windy. Naturally, I was painting my nails for the UNLV game, and all the sudden momsy screams, "the trampoline just flew into the pool!!!!!" first thought was... NO way, that's so cool. second thought, crap my nails are drying. third. PANIC>>>! we ran out there, all the pool furniture is in the pool, umbrella broken and bent, trampoline in the deep end, poles falling off to the wee bottom of the freezing cold pool. My mom and I trying to get it out was probably hilarious, thanks to ryan for helping us, we somehow managed to get the huge trampoline back over to its spot, and grabbed some ropes and tied that sucker to a tree. Oh, and my nails were ruined btw, and I'm wearing a sweatshirt that has silver nail polish all over it because of that chaotic day....
-after the gym don't look at recipes on pinterest. I found like 8 that i want to make tomorrow. I found a sugarfree cookie dough recipe too (click the word cookie, it'll take you to the recipe, you're welcome) that I almost made tonight! I'm dying. Why go to the gym if I just want cookie dough. I hate you spring break. The fat girl in me did eat a row of chocolate hersheys tho.... wooops.

love you whoever you are.

Doesn't pookers look like the dog from up???! I know. My mom and I were dying laughing!!!

This pic is hilarious. I know I look like a fool, cuz I is one.


Valerie said...

Hahaha I love this blog...and you! I have no idea what I would do without you...and I think you're amazing!

Christy Orrock said...

hahaha oh mom. I love you. thanks for commenting. I love comments. and my mom.

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