Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eclair madness.

Just another Saturday around here. Went to Costco. Took a nap. Made some eclairs. Theyre delicious! My cousin Ashlee gave me this recipe forever ago and we made them and they were way good. So when deciding what treat to make today, it was obvious for my mom and I. Eclairs.

My mom, brother and I took a ride to the duck pond. They were everywhere.

They dont fear humans because we give them bread so often. I think thats why they get so close to you anyways! It's scary. I thought after we ran out of bread they were going to follow us home. But I'm happy to report they were okay with us leaving them and didnt follow.

It was freezing. No judging the hat. At least I'm wearing a Unlv sweatshirt! Even though they lost today. :(

Saturday's are my favorite.

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Ashlee said...

Oh yummy! Makes me think I need to have one!

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