Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!!

So I have two things that I want to talk about, friday the 13th, and I have a critique for Geisha VS. OHJAH.

So first, the friday the 13th. I secretly love that people are like "oooh dont spill salt or you'll have bad luck... blah." I'm not superstitious at all about this day. but I think it's an awesome day. A few years ago I got my wisdom teeth out on friday the 13th and I was kind of freaking out, but then I though nahhh it'll be fine. I think the worst part was, that it was in february so the next day was valentines day.... haha and I was a chipmunk, alone, watching movies and eating milkshakes on my luvsac. Turns out that was my best valentines day yet. There was this awesome guy, Garrett Phillips. He was my gym buddy, tropical smoothie buddy, and just a blast to be around... and on valentines day, when I was a huge chipmunk bruised up face lookin zombie, this guy wanted to come over! He brought me one of those GIANT cards, (the one the size of your body basically) and a smoothie from trop. smoothie, and the latest girlie magazines (really like all the magazines the store had to offer from Seventeen to Cosmo) haha, and he just wanted to hang with me and watch movies while I recovered. Really? How sweeeet right? I know. Best valentines day ever. I even recall him trying to kiss me. and I was like dude I can barely feel my face, I think I'll just slobber all over you. hahah ew. anyways..... I miss garrett a lot. He passed away and it breaks my heart thinking about our old times. but I like thinking about them because I miss him. So every friday the 13th I think of garebear because I was scared, then I remember the 14th is after it and that was one of the best days I had spent with garrett. so thanks garebear for making that valentines day top any valentines day I've ever had or will probably ever have.

So, next thing, is my review of Geisha vs. OHJAH which I don't even know how to say. and my choice is OHJAH!!! Geisha is the hyped up restaurant, the more expensive one too, but OHJAH is the restaurant that is cheaper, not super close, but is wayyyy better! Geisha has watermelon sauce (its really just butter that is bright pink) and they put it on everyyyything, the rice & the veggies & your steak or whatever you're having. It's really good, but at OHJAH I didn't miss it at all. At Geisha I shared my meal with a friend, so we got filet mignon, and it was $26 for one meal, then they tack on a "sharing charge" that is $10 so you can have your own rice and vegetables and soup and salad. it's just redic. so by that time your meal is $36 dollars, $24 with tip, and smaller than the regular meal, so you might as well get the meal for yourself... except I really wasn't hungry! so it was frustrating. but still good. their filet is tender, and beautiful. ah. I still recommend OHJAH bc their meat is seriously good too. SO heres pictures of each place. Sadly, i went to geisha last night and OHJAH the week before. I go out to eat a lot apparently. :)


Really funny story, after the chef made the fire around the heart he said, "now that's heartburn" haha I died laughing. Then I laughed even harder thinking about how many times a week he says that line!

I'm really white I know. Gag.
Happy 21st birthday colleeners!! Love ya twinner!

Okay and now for OHJAH pics!

Honestly I liked the vegetables and soup and salad better here. The filet was great at both places. So there ya go. Please take my word for it people.

Hope you, whoever you are has a fab Friday the 13th!!!

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